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Kill Kryll too quick and the cutscene fails to end. (Android BGEE v 1.3.2070)

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
1. Have Dorn in party.
2. Go to ar5500.
3. Head northeast.
4. Pause on sighting Kryll.
5. Aim spells, ranged weapons at Kryll (I used a wand of lightening)
6. Walk one character forward to initiate conversation leading to cut scene.
7. Watch Kryll Shout "Rise up!" before going down, dead.
8. Cry with laughter as her minions await her spell to turn them into skeletal fodder.
9. Start to feel sheepish as the adventuring party stand around looking awkward.
10. Sigh as you are forced to quit by going back to the home screen and shutting it down using the menu.

Not an end to end all bugs but an "oh bugger it" bug.


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