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I just want to say.....

thanks to those who respondeed with friendship. I think I got off on the wrong foot with my first few posts and I plan on being a little more"human". I read a post on another community board for a different game that was a realtime/pause type. The poster was complaining about the combat system and before I read the responders I was thinking "Hay that guy sounds like me" and then the respondents were trying to explain the real time/pause combat system.
There were some heated words and I have come to the conclusion that both sides had some good points
(call them turn based VS real time/pause) but niether side seemed to let the other have its due credit. Over the last few years I have watched the realtime/pause games get more popilar. I have to admit that both sides have some good points and I think that the younger players (15-25 yrs of age) have the largest say because it is thi age group that buys most of the computer games.
Then I saw the introduction of older turn based game getting in on the new RT/P (realtime with pause) band wagon and things have not changed at lleast for me. I still think that turn based RPG games are the better way to go. My reasoning may be a bit biased but:
1. most of the pencil and paper D&D games before computers were run by a dungeon master who controlled
most of the activity of the players. when Wizardry came along things got better for the most part. I can't help to feel this was/is a better way. It is what I grew up with.
2. I have only one RT/P game (Commanding General: Gettysburg) which I play on a regular basis.
3. I am not saying TB(turn based is better than RT/P or the new TB/P games like most of the EE games in this series
are better. I am saying it is what you grewup using. Wherever the games are 50 yyears from now are it will make the games now look primitive,
4. unlike many who state flatly "TB games are slow and booring" are right in the sense that they are compared to the games I played 50 years ago just as the games now will be in 50 years when compared to the games we play now.

I really want to at least get comfortable with RT/P & TB/P but it is a strugle because after several hours of playing these type of games I just get so frustrated I have to quit for awhile. When that happens I play some of the Koei
games like "Romance of the three Kingdoms XI" and soon to play Nobonoga's Ambition" .
The first one ROTK XI was published about 2006 But further versions were witheld from the USA market in disk format for some reason. I was able to get a copy frrom a frien in Englan who was on a online group I was a member. I also play "Divinity II Dev. Cut" which I love. I have to admit I have yet to win the final battle even with God Mode but that is because It is hard for me use a KB &M in that game.
Well I have taken up to much of your time but feel free to contact me for what ever reason



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,983
    I think the reason why turn based start in gaming is because it is way easier to program a game that way, especially back in the early days of Nintendo, super Nintendo, sega and Gameboy and such, but when Baldur's gate came out, they wanted to make the game feel a bit more alive so they did their best to make it real time based, and it worked really well for them, especially with the pause feature, you can change your tactics in the middle of combat when necessary to make the battles more "alive feeling", but with strict turn base, I feel that the battles aren't as alive, hence the reason why some people may find them boring, but I don't mind turn based at all, what I find a little frustrating is this silly hybrid real time/ turn base style, ( like some final fantasy games) either be 100 % turn base or 100% real time, not this silly mix of the two, in battles where it can be crucial to find the right items in your inventory it can be frustrating sometimes to scroll through mountains of items to find the one you are looking for just to die before you do, and even on wait mode I have found that, that doesn't really matter and the enemy just attacks you anyway, I haven't played many final fantasy games, but I hear one of the main features of new games is how their battle system is going to be implemented this time, and usually when I see it, it just looks like a mess, for final fantasy, final fantasy X, was my favourite, turn based worked 100% well for that game, then X-2 came out, and I felt the battle system was; bleh, then watching my friends play 12 and 13 and I felt even more; bleeeeeeeeeeeeehish

    So for me, back in the old school days, turn base worked really well and I enjoy those turn base games, but realistically real time base works much much better with today's game, it helps them be much more immersive, making games today that are turn based instead of real time base makes me feel that the game developers were kind of lazy in their programming and said; ah good enough, and that kind of commitment makes me feel like meh

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,454
    @madgamer , If you haven't already, you should try Might and Magic 6: The Mandate of Heaven. It's turn-based rpg gaming at its finest, and it is my favorite game. The sequels MM7 and MM8 are almost as good.

  • madgamermadgamer Member Posts: 32
    I played all the M&M games on my computer years ago before steam. I looked on steam and did not see them. Can you purchase them on steam GOG?.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,454
    @madgamer , They are very reasonably priced at . @Bengoshi and I have Might and Magic 6 runs going currently for which we are posting screenshots and updates. Check us out:

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