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Please help with some IWD2 cheats!!!

Artas1984Artas1984 Member Posts: 49
edited October 2015 in Off-Topic
Even though this ain't IWD2 forum, people here from my experience so far seem to know their FR RPG games, are active and helpful, and i don't want to wait an eternity for the correct an answer in other forums...

I have finished IWD1 and now am getting on the second game. Before that, i need to know how my characters level up, since i have never played the 3.0 rule-set. I don't care about manuals and youtube links, i WANT TO SEE MYSELF how my main character levels up according to the intelligence points i gave him when i multi-class him, so i need do cheat some XP points for educational purposes before starting playing for real!!!
I hope you understand!

The cheat is: ctrlaltdelete:setcurrentxp(#)

And it does not work. But other cheats do work! For instance: ctrlaltdelete:addgold(1000) works!

Anybody know the problem???


  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,089
    edited October 2015
    Not really sure. I usually put some letters in caps, and add a semicolon at the end, and sometimes integers have to be within quotes. The only alternative I can think of is
    or the like.

    Failing that, you can download Dalekeeper 2 to edit XP values on your characters. This is just a little less convenient. Or, if you can, you could console or Keeper in a special book (I forget the name; it's a guide for adventurers or something, and it shouldn't be too hard to find in Dalekeeper 2), which will give you 10,000 XP every time you use it.

    Or, you could simply give your character a high Intelligence score, in-game or via Dalekeeper 2, so you wouldn't have to worry about not having enough skill points. It would save you the hassle without really unbalancing the game.

    For what it's worth, you can decrease your Intelligence to 3 with little side effects, unless you're a mage. Everybody gets at least 1 skill point per level even at 3 INT, and most spellcasting classes just need Concentration. Other classes need very little or no skills... aside from thieves, of course. But many people don't use thieves at all in IWD2. They're not nearly as useful as they are in IWD and the BG games, since traps are weaker and more scarce, and few locks can't be bashed. Also, thieves in IWD2 get no traps or the Detect Illusion skill, and their backstabs are weaker. And there's less stuff to pickpocket. And anybody with high Dexterity can use stealth almost as well as a thief.

    One more thing: you might find it more fun to focus on single-classes in IWD2. Spellcasting is a much bigger deal in the sequel, and in 3E, multi-classed spellcasters tend to lose out on a lot.

  • Artas1984Artas1984 Member Posts: 49
    Thank's for the tips!!! For now i will pass on this issue, since i just want to play the game and don't want to wait forever. My party is paladin/assimar, monk/assimar, wizard/tiefling, rogue/tiefling, battle cleric/shield dwarf and half-elf/ranger.

    I've set max intelligence to wizard and medium to rogue, other heroes have lowest intelligence possible. 1 point for Paladin's diplomacy, 1 point for Cleric's concentration, 1 point for Ranger's wild lore and for monk - whatever, i don't even need points for monk, since my rogue does the hide and stalk things.

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