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New 2nd edition kit. Help/suggestions welcome. MONSTER HUNTER

Sorvan76Sorvan76 Member Posts: 76
edited December 2017 in Off-Topic
Hi, I've developed a new kit for one of the characters in our campaign. Any suggestions welcome. I've tried to make it a balanced kit, but there's nothing like expert opinion to help balance things. Here it is (benefits and hindrances in no particular order).

Monster Hunter - Fighter/Specialist Mage (Alchemist) Kit

Required - Str: 13, Dex: 14, Con:13, Int: 15. Any non-evil human, demi-human or humanoid with the ability to become a magical spell-caster.

The monster hunter is a trained combatant and magical specialist who uses martial skill and knowledge of alchemical compounds to neutralise supernatural and magical menaces. Akin to the Paladin or Ranger, this character is usually of good alignment - although neutrally aligned monster hunters are not prohibited. There are no evil monster hunters. The monster hunter is a fanatical character, singly obsessed in his objective to strike out against the supernatural and magical creatures who menace his society. Usually, as his career progresses his work will take him far away from home. In a community, he may be viewed upon with suspicion - the monster hunter is something of an eccentric loner. His lonely existence, gruff appearance, mystical tattoos and the strange tools he carries suggest he's to be feared - if not respected. Despite his physical attributes the monster hunter is an intellectual and spends as much of his time researching his prey as he does fighting them - which is why he is so good at his job. The rest of his time is spent developing and enhancing his magical and alchemical knowledge which leaves him with little time to interact with others - even if a member of an adventuring party. This kit is open to any race who can become a magical spell-caster (including humans, who may not usually be multi-classed characters) provided they can meet the stringent requirements - so demanding is this kit, only the best can be selected to train as monster hunters.

Proficiencies (Bonus) - Spell-craft, Endurance, Tracking.
Proficiencies (Required) - Observation, Monster Lore, Reading/Writing
Proficiencies (Recommended) - Religion (General), Direction Sense, Blind-Fighting, Herbalism, Alertness, Information Gathering, Trailing, Running, Artistic ability: Tattoo

Kit benefits

- The monster hunter radiates an aura of protection (as a paladin) but it applies instead against magical and supernatural monsters.

- Due to his extensive research and training, the monster hunter gains a +1 bonus to hit and damage against all supernatural and magical monsters.

- The monster hunter is trained in stealth. When stalking prey, he can hide in shadows and move silently as a Ranger of equivalent level. He can do so in any environment (not just wilderness environments). Racial and Dexterity adjustments apply.

- So skilled is the monster hunter at finding his prey, he can track as a Ranger (negate the -6 penalty due to non-Rangers). However, due to the monster hunter's narrow focus he may only track supernatural and magical monsters and only if the creature has been encountered personally or studied extensively (at least 1 week) beforehand. Otherwise, he can track but not as a Ranger (suffers the -6 penalty).

- The monster hunter has the ability to negate the magical and supernatural attacks of monsters including innate and spell-like abilities but not memorised spells. Any time a magical or supernatural monster is successful with an attack that has a supernatural or magical effect, the monster hunter can neutrailise the effect (but not any physical damage) by sacrificing one spell level of currently memorised spells per hit dice of the attacking creature - regardless of whether or not a saving throw is normally permitted. This ability is only effective against personal attacks and not area-effect attacks. Examples include a medusa's gaze, a vampire's charm ability or the magical effect of a mummy's touch. This ability never applies to magic which occupies spell slots of any kind, for example spells cast by dragons or the memorised spells cast by lichs.

- Such is his alchemical skill, knowledge and focus the monster hunter has an increased chance to breach the magic resistance of supernatural and magical monsters. When casting spells or using magical items against a supernatural or magical monster, their magic resistance is reduced by 2% per level of the monster hunter.

- At 5th level, the monster hunter gains the ability to hit any monster or supernatural creature that requires a magical weapon to hit. By sacrificing 2 spell levels of memorised spells per plus required to hit the monster, he can hit the monster with any weapon he currently wields (including his bare hands or missile weapons) for one turn. This ability requires one round of alchemical preparation and mystic chants during which the hunter must concentrate - he may not undertake any other activity during this period. He must be able to speak and have both hands free. If he is disrupted (damaged) during this time, the spell levels are not lost but he must try again until he prepares for one full round undisturbed. This benefit applies to any monster he chooses to attack during the ten round duration.

- The monster hunter has a 5% chance/level to recognise supernatural or magical monsters for what they are regardless of any disguise in place (magical or otherwise – a 10th level monster hunter has a 50% chance). This ability requires the monster hunter's full attention. He must be able to see and hear the creature must also be able to concentrate upon the creature for one full round. Abilities employed by certain magical monsters, such as invisibility or silence, may interfere with this ability.

Kit Hindrances

- Once supernatural or magical monsters become aware of the monster hunter's presence, regardless of their intelligence, they will seek to harm him first - although not at the expense of any larger tactical plan. They will usually will seek to slay/hurt/capture him at the earliest opportunity (dependent on their motives).

- The monster hunter cannot be evil. If his alignment ever shifts to evil, he forfeits all benefits of this kit until his alignment changes to non-evil.

- Fighter aspect of character progresses using the Paladin/Ranger XP chart. The hunter may never specialise in any weapon. Specialist Mage (Alchemist) aspect of character follows the usual requirements of that specialist class, including the inability to cast spells while wearing armour and the requirement for access to a well-maintained lab to gain bonus spells, etc.

- If the monster hunter is aware of an opposing magical or supernatural monster's presence on the field of battle, his commitment to their destruction is such that he suffers a -1 penalty to hit and damage against all other opponents until he can engage that enemy either physically or magically. This penalty is not negated until the threat of all opposing supernatural or magical monsters is eliminated from the battlefield (i.e. they are all destroyed, captured or otherwise rendered harmless).

- Because of his dedication to the eradication of supernatural and magical monsters, he suffers a -4 on initial reaction checks with these creatures (regardless of their alignment or motivation). Whilst the hunter may tolerate the company of such creatures under certain circumstances, he will never completely trust them - nor they him. Due to his devotion to his craft, his extreme views and self-imposed solitude (time spent dedicated to his studies) he is a socially awkward character. He suffers a -2 on initial reaction checks with all others as a result.

- In order to gain any kit benefits the monster hunter must engage in a series of alchemical rituals and exercises for 2 hours uninterrupted each day. This is in addition to the time spent memorising spells. If he fails to do this within any 24 hour period he loses all kit benefits. Kit hindrances still apply.

- The monster hunter is a solitary character. Whilst he may remain a member of an adventuring party (this usually suits his circumstances) he may never gain any followers. At 10th level he must choose one person to train as an apprentice. The monster hunter cannot train a new apprentice until his first apprentice is fully trained (the apprentice must reach 5th level of experience in both classes to be considered fully trained).

- Due to the monster hunter's self reliant nature (and the importance of this to the development of his powers), he can never own more than 8 permanent magical items.

Kit is live, and I think this is final version now. :)

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  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Why not make it a ranger/mage - considering you are subbing in many ranger abilities as bonuses?

  • toms_twitrtoms_twitr Member Posts: 4
    Without knowing more about the rest of the party, it's tough to weigh in on the kit's power level. Gish types tend to surprise DMs when clever players use the class differently than expected. That said, it's a killer kit with engaging flavor that I'd like to play--wrapping a personality around these class features comes naturally. It's like the stats are writing a story.

    I think I'd play it as a Sherlock Holmes type character, only he'd have, you know, swords and stuff.

  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    Aren't all PCs monster hunters?

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,020
    edited November 2015
    Reminds me of Geralt of Rivia. You used him as a reference, right?
    I don't play PnP so I'm not sure if it's balanced, but it sure seems like a well-written and thought out kit.

    Btw, I agree that it sounds more like a ranger MC than a fighter MC, like @decado said.

  • Sorvan76Sorvan76 Member Posts: 76
    edited November 2015
    Hi everybody and thank you for all the replies, which have been useful.

    @decado - Yeah, I did think about Ranger. However, I feel the Ranger has too much of a wilderness, outdoor and nature focus for this character. Those Rangers who do not have a strong nature/outdoor or animal focus belong to other specialised kits - and then they wouldn't be this kit. To me Rangers are about the outdoors, experts with animals and plants. They also gain limited (Plant and Animal sphere) priest spells at later levels, which don't fit for this character. I wanted the monster hunter to be an all-terrain type of specialist - a hard, combat-savvy intellectual as comfortable trailing a changeling across a city as he would be dueling a mind-flayer somewhere deep underground. However, I suppose it is reasonable to argue that as I have borrowed the MS + HS abilities, and the Ranger Tracking ability it wouldn't be unreasonable to make it a Ranger kit. I'd like to think he is different enough not to be though. :)

    @toms_twitr - Thanks, we're still fine-tuning the kit too. After a couple of plays, I'll update the kit description and organise it better. :)

    @Fardragon - Haha, yeah I guess. Unless they're not monster hunters lol - not all PC's actively seek/hunt monsters. I think we could rename the kit though to something more specialised-sounding and less general. Suggestions welcome. :)

    @Skatan - I kind of based this kit on Geralt, although I've only played the Witch Hunter games a little bit. The concept is a good one though, which the player digs too.

    Thanks again for everybody's input.

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