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Convince me to play something solo other than F/M/T :(

Looking for something that uses powerful items and is a lot of fun.

I can't get over the fact that I lose passive 10APR and Best DPS in game with Crom Faeyr + Scarlet Ninja To.

- 25 str crom faeyr
- 2 (fighter) + 1 (dual weild) + .5 (weapon spec) + 1 (ninja-to) + .5 (gloves) * 2(imp haste) = 10

Was thinking of doing F/T and Doing Carsomyr but I lose 25 str (max 24) and can only max out 6 apr

- 2 (fighter) + .5 (weapon spec) + .5 (gloves) *2(imp haste from amulet) = 6
- 19 base str (half orc) + 1 book + 1 deck + 1 lum + 2 hell trials


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    The F/T will get 23 HLAs, so you can still have 10 APR for a long time by chaining Greater Whirlwind Attacks. If you're interested in unique and overpowered builds, you might consider dual-class options.

    In general, I'm all for powergaming, but insisting on only playing characters with 25 STR and 10 APR is a bit much. You may be cutting into your fun at that point.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,281
    Try out a swashbuckler. Once you hit level 40, you get an armor class bonus of 9, and +8 to damage and THAC0. You can get nine attacks per round by dual-wielding Belm and Scarlet Ninja-to with the gauntlets and Improved Haste from some item.

  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
    edited March 2016
    Things you could want to condider:

    You lose your strength, but does it matter when you can unleash GWW with 28 damage/hit fists?
    You lose your defensive buffs, but does it matter when you reach 100% permanent MR and one of the lowest permanent AC of the game? ... and you know what? That's without casting a single spell.

    You basicaly lose your 25 STR and your thievery abilities to gain access to level 9 spells and mage HLA, which is not "better" probably that good, even if a different fashion:
    - Cast Time Stop and Black Blade of Disaster to unleash 10APR of auto-hit, +6 damage per hit, level draining, and 20 hp recovery per round goodness, while your ennemies are completely unable to move a finger, no matter their saving throw
    - Cast Improved Alacrity and just fucking shower the whole field with 4-5 Comets, or Meteor, or Dragon Breath or whatever... per round. "10 APR with 25 STR" ? 40d10 area of damage per round is like having 10APR with a 4d10 damage weapon, on each foe at once. Keep you shiny metal things for single targets, lvl 9 mages clean groups way better.
    - Cast Shapeshift and turn an Iron Golem, making you immune to... well almost everything that's magical
    - Cast Summon Planetar, and you get a critter that is strong enough to count as 2 more APR, with a 2d10+3 weapon and a decent STR, and can cast a nice range of Druid and Cleric spells (yup, your minion is a healer, too)
    - Cast Wish and instantly get rested in the middle of the fight, recovering all your hit points, all your spells, and cleared of debuffs
    - and you know... you actually kill a dragon faster hammering it with Lower Resistances and Greater Malison with Improved Alacrity or Spell Trigger, just to one-shot hit with Finger of Death

    Berzerker dual classed into Mage
    You still lose your precious 25 STR... and you gain all the level 9 spell goodness described above, keep your 10APR, and... an ability that in one click make you immune for 10 rounds against about every fucking crowd control spell of the game, including Imprisonement, as well as giving you +2 TACH0, +2 damage and +2AC

    Kensai dual-classed into Mage
    Wait, you said... "Best DPS of the game" ? No sir. That's not the F/M/T
    25 STR doesn't bring as much damage as a Kai-Enhanced Black Blade of Disaster under Time Stop. That's 10 auto-hit attack with a weapon that deal 24 base damage. And it fucking hurt.
    And also... once more... level 9 spells goodies

    That class rocks. I mean, you can litteraly flip out and kill everyone. I heard once a Shadowdancer was having dinner, and someone dropped a spoon... the Shadowdancer killed everyone in town. That's REAL ultimate power for you.
    ... ahem, more seriously, it doesn't have even remotely the DPS of your F/M/T, but the Shadowdance is just a whole different gameplay. You become a Ninja. You jump hit, backstab, and disapear at no cost. You have the strongest escape ability of the whole game: an instant, uncounterable Time Stop which doesn't allow you to attack however (I said "escape") and the HLA are quite unique. Summon a Shadow Twin and send him backstab your ennemies, then release a Shadow Maze that send half of the foes into an alternative space while you deal with what's left...
    No sir, that doesn't kill as fast that 10APR with 25STR... but don't you get bored to always do the same kind of play?

    You still want your 25 APR? The Blade can use the Crom Faeyr just well. It only get to 8APR due to the lack of fighter level, but on the other side, he can cast spells in medium armor (for better AC than a F/M/T) and use either Defensive Spin which gives you -10AC.... yup you're not the highest DPS of the game... you're almost the second best DPS of the game AND you are the best tank of the game.

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  • ahhyepahhyep Member Posts: 114
  • MoonheartMoonheart Member Posts: 520
    Np, and don't get disappointed by the beginnings. Your F/M/T didn't get a killing matching straight out of the creation. Likewise, all those things requiers a bit of commitment before truly kicking in.

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