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Just a few questions/opinions wanted.

I'm not really new to the forums. Though I am still new in that I've still never completed BG1 (Darn restartitis!).

I keep changing my mind on what class I want to play for my first playthrough. I keep jumping between a Ranger, a Totemic Druid, a Fighter/Druid, or a Kensai who later dual-classes into a Druid. Right now I'm leaning towards Totemic Druid because I feel like it reflects my personality the most. But one of my biggest concerns about the Totemic Druid is I want at least some front-line survivability. I know I'd never excel on the front-line. But is it plausible I'd be able to survive there okay if I equip Ankheg armor? My stats are:

17 Str
17 Dex
15 Con
11 Int
15 Wis
15 Cha

I have a little meta-gaming knowledge so my thought was to end BG1 with:

18 Str
18 Dex
16 Con
12 Int
18 Wis
16 Cha

due to the Tomes.

FYI I don't naturally "roll" my character(s). I just Ctrl+8 and then subtract to what I want. Not too much shame in that, right? =*(

Two other questions I have.

1) Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that if you are a Fighter/Druid that the game "treats" you like a fighter. A.K.A. NPCs address you as if you are a Fighter, Druid NPCs won't recognize you as a fellow Druid, you can only get the de'Arnise Keep stronghold in BG2 and not the Druid Grove even though you are a Fighter/"Druid", etc. Is this the case?

2) Is there any way to recharge wands and items with charges? Or are they meant to be just "use it till it's gone" items?


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,137
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    Yeah, you'll be able to survive, especially once you get Stoneskins Iron Skins. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to equip bucklers, so you may want to equip items that improve your AC vs. missile and/or piercing damage.

    1) An F/D can have either the Fighter or the Druid stronghold, but not both. Not sure about class-specific dialog.

    2) Sell them to a store and buy them back.
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  • Ser_ElrykSer_Elryk Member Posts: 72
    Thanks, I'll keep all that in mind =)
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,458
    The Totemic Druid doesn't need to be on the front line, just get used to it. His spirit animals are superb and greatly add to other druid summons. It's much better for you Totemic druid to use darts - they give 3 APR, and you can really help to your summons.

    As for the stats you mention, they're fine, although I would put 3 points from INT (9 INT is enough for using wands and scrolls) to WIS - additional spells help greatly to a divine caster, and WIS 19, 20 and especially 21 give a lot of bonuses to spell levels. In the end, these spells, among other things, will include those that help you stay longer in the fight.

    19 WIS +1 1st level, +1 4th level
    20 WIS +1 2nd level, +1 4th level
    21 WIS +1 3rd level, +1 5th level
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    joluv said:

    Yeah, you'll be able to survive, especially once you get Stoneskins.

    You don't mean Stoneskin, that's a Mage spell. You mean Iron Skins, although the effect is about the same.

    But yes, that character with Ankheg Plate (and sundry other protection items) would certainly be survivable on the front line (although not necessarily recommended, of course). (You can even equip Faldorn to be viable on the front line, who has weaker stats.)
    joluv said:

    2) Sell them to a store and buy them back.

    Yes, but it's worth mentioning that:-

    a) not every store is willing to trade in wands (etc.), although some are;

    b) stores which already have the same item in stock will re-charge only to the same (partial) level as the ones in stock, whereas stores which don't already hold an identical item will fully re-charge it; and

    c) re-charging is expensive - this is what all that gold is for!
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