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Any good non-weidu mods out there? (BGEE *and* BG2EE)

fkirenicusfkirenicus Member Posts: 331
edited December 2015 in General Modding
I play BGEE and BG2EE (and probably IWD, in time) on PC, an Android tablet AND an Android phone. Because of the no-can-do about editing dialog.tlk on Android as of now (unless I want to really screw things up by editing the .obb files) I'm content (more or less :smile: ) with editing existing files, and not creating new ones (which more often than not requires an update to dialog.tlk). I keep save games and override files on my Google Disk in order to be able to retrieve the saves and overrides when changes have been made (so that I actually am able to play the same game on all three devices).

If, though, there are any good non-weidu mods (and non-dialog.tlk wreckage...) out there I would be grateful for tips - both for BGEE and BG2EE. And IWD, for that matter.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    Hi fkirenicus, I play BGEE, BG2EE and IWD on all of these devices as well. Recently, using the below discussion, I have had no probs with mods (although I have limited myself to only a few until I have finished them couple of times)... works like a charm... Enjoy!
  • fkirenicusfkirenicus Member Posts: 331
    Hmm... yes, I know about editing the .obb files... But I am somewhat afraid I might break the patching process if I do so. Can you confirm that it's safe - have you tested this going from the previous 1.3 version to todays 1.3.2064, for example?
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,818
    I have only used the current versions, but there isn't any editing of the Obb file. All of the mods end up in the uncompressed zip file so I couldn't see any break. You may need to redo the mods again when any new patches are released.

    For BG2EE and IWD, the android versions are the same as PC. Using the method described in the discussion, I setup the mods on the PC, copied the required files into a separate directory, used centralfix, then copied the (and, name can be whatever but I would keep it to a limit of 8.3, ie: onto the android devices. I use the Samsung S Tab and Note 4. For BG1, the versions were different so copied the Obb files and unpacked them, installed the mods then copied There wasn't any editing of the Obb files on the android device, so it remains clean.

    If you have the Samsung S Tab, for me the update to 5.0x broke BG so I just reverted back to 4.4.x. Update on Note 4 to 5.x worked fine.

    The method described in the discussion is much (can't emphasise this enough) better than what I used to do... and I thank ScottBrooks for it.

    If it concerns you still, I would suggest trying BG2EE first before getting into copying the Obb files across for BGEE. The is easy enough to remove, just delete (or move) and you are back to vanilla BG2EE.
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