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"Early 2016" unnofficial announcement

I've been coming back to the forums from time to time and was expecting SoD this year since every other has been released around this time. I think it's also the best time to release new game since it's obviously a major holiday time. However, I just read that "the next official word on release for SoD is early 2016".

I'm not such a hardcore player, and I don't dedicate so much time to games. However, I really wanted to enjoy your game this year, since Christmas time will offer me a holiday I don't get all year long. For that reason, I'm fine with whatever you have already done so far. It doesn't have to be perfect - wait - it doesn't even have to be the final and official release.

I know you guys said I don't know how many times already that you wouldn't release the game until it's finished, but here I am asking for it, knowing that you read these forums and that you would listen to this plead I'm sure many others share. Let's hope that Christmas time will be a good one again this year.


  • DoubledimasDoubledimas Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,286
    Seeing that the holidays are only about a week away, there is no way they can finish a QA phase within a week and get it shipped, so No Presents for Christmas for you.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,416
    @Flame_Excess The Beamdog office is closing for holidays in the end of this week, with them returning only in 2016.

    SoD will be released in "early 2016", and not earlier.
  • TorinTorin Member Posts: 229
    edited December 2015
    I just hope the early 2016 does not get delayed again. I want to play and finish SoD before Xcom 2 arrives as that will take all my free time for 1-2 months :)

    I am not that sad that it was not released in 2015 because now I get to spend holidays playing spiritual successor to Fallout 1/2 - Underrail - that is being released in 2 days.
  • LifatLifat Member Posts: 353
    Obviously the ideal would have been that they had finished the game and released it earlier this month, so that people could have it on their wishlists and stuff like that.
    But I trust that the game was delayed to 2016 for good reason, and I'd rather wait than have an unfinished product.
    I have written in other threads that I was getting impatient, but that was due to the lack of information, not lack of release date.
  • Flame_ExcessFlame_Excess Member Posts: 26
    @bengoshi thanks for your reply!

    After second-thought, only a game demo would already be great. It would entice players to get back to the game, and it would promote the game and its new graphics through reviews. That demo could be something like limiting access to Baldur's Gate only...

    As for myself, I already got an answer and my hands on IWD for this special christmas discount you offered. So thanks for the heads-up in your newsletter and feel free to close, merge, or delete this thread.

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