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SoD and Mods

Hello everyone :)

I have BG:EE very heavily modded and I was wondering if there'd be any complications with that once SoD comes out? Do I need to reinstall my game or won't there be any interferences with the any pre-installed mods?

Thank you and merry Christmas :3


  • LifatLifat Member Posts: 353
    I doubt that you will get any guarantee on that, because there is a LOT of mods out there and they can't all be covered.
    If you want a better chance at getting a firm answer, you need to list all the mods you are currently using. And even then I doubt you will get an answer before the game releases.
  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,870
    Pretty sure the upcoming expansion pack will wipe our override folders in a similar fashion of how any major update will wipe our override folders. Which means you'd have to reinstall all mods you're currently running afterwards, to ensure nothing breaks in your current playthrough.

    Although what really interest me is whenever the SoD's new GUI design is compatible with custom GUI's, such as @norilm 's Temple of Bhaal GUI mod for BG:EE.
  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    I hope to run initially with Rogue Rebalancing to get my PnP Bard spell progression, but assume it needs to be updated to work with SoD.
  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 279
    I would think if you use any mod that patches files rather than just using override folder, then it will probably need updates for the expansion.
  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,766
    Ah, no, I am just wondering wether I'll need a clean installation or not to not cause any bugs or glitches in SoD.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,420
    @Pecca Amazingly helpful advice, @Buttercheese and everybody, you can easily follow it. Just copy you whole game folder to another place, even on a flash. This way, when you update your main folder, you'll always have the previous version (with all the mods etc) available.
  • MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,027
    Modders are unlikely to verify the compatibility of their latest mod release with an old game version.
    Using versions n and n-1 may be helpful to disperse your frustration if the newest release version fails to deliver what was promised though.
    However keeping several instances(/directories) of the version "that just works" is really helpful when you tweak/mod or just try a new component.

    Stacking mods over mods for the purpose of having the best installation is a (common) mistake. You just increase your chance to create mod interactions in a detrimental way. This is where keeping several instances with different sets of mods truely helps.
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