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Christmas Party!

You know you're playing too much Baldur's Gate when...
Sjerrie said:

949. During different holidays you have themed playthroughs. Example: Santa and some elves serving up some coal to all the naughty orcs and goblins of Icewind Dale...

I have had this on my mind for many years. I never had the time around the holidays to actually finish such a game, but let's get crazy, people, and throw some characters around! :)

I'll start (forgive my rambling nature) using EEKeeper rules. ;)

Kris Kringle: NG male dwarf Ranger (or Swashbuckler/mage, or...)
Mrs. Claus: NG female human Druid (or Ranger/Cleric)
Elf: CG female halfling Blade
Bernard: LN male gnome Cleric/Thief (Bounty Hunter)
Jack Frost: LE male elf sorcerer

Kris is, of course, "Santa". I chose dwarf because of uhmm... body type. I thought of maybe Ranger because he gets around and has at least some affinity for animals. Or at least his reindeer. While I don't think he would be very warrior-minded, Ranger would also be a good choice to have at least some weight in that area. The same goes for the Swashbuckler option, as it's pretty durable should the fight come, but isn't backstabby. Don't feel Santa would do that. The mage part should be obvious, as Christmas is a magical time and stuff.

Mrs. Claus as a human, slightly more down-to-earth (pun intended) druid. Probably totemic. I always saw her as a caretaker primarily. Could also be Ranger/Cleric (Beastmaster?) if Kris is a more arcane build.

Elf and Bernard are Santa's "elves". Didn't pick elf as their race because they always seemed to be a lot shorter, i.e. different-mythology-elves. Bernard was the name of an elf in one of many Christmas movies, and Elf, because I couldn't think of another name... "Elf" is the young, peppy, progressive elf. Blade because the attitude seems to fit, to give both more melee and arcane options to the party, and to work a bard-class in there. Bernard is the older, grumpier, we've-done-it-like-this-for-hundreds-of-years-so-it-works elf. Bounty Hunter because he's an old-school tinkerer (the traps) and Cleric for his old elfy wisdom and experience. He might secretly be worshipping Santa.

Jack Frost is basically the antagonist as he is sometimes portrayed in movies. The harsh, cold winter in contrast to Santa's holiday cheer. Elf because if in movies he often is a kind of "fallen" Santa-elf, and sorcerer because I'd see him slinging cold spells as a signature move and slinging them often. Probably a superiority complex, that only he is a true elf, which to DnD rules he would be but we won't tell him that.

Post your own ideas! If this thread works then we could do easter. For that I'm thinking a Druid Shapeshifter, but instead of werewolf, his alternate form is a bunny...

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