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EFT - Edvin's Fixed Items

EdvinEdvin Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,134
edited January 2016 in BGII:EE Mods
Although it has been lately a lot of things corrected, in game is still few items that are simply wrong (at least according to me). That's why I created this little package that corrects biggest mistakes.

1) Cloak of Displacement (CLCK03) = Blur effect is gone!

2) Claw of Kazgaroth (MISC72) = Blur effect is gone!

3) Mace of Disruption (DEVA) = This mace has very nice model, but after upgrade to Mace of Disruption +2, is that nice model changed to normal mace. This behavior has been corrected, and now nice model remains even for Mace of Disruption +2

4) Boo (MISC84) = Boo is now usable item and can cast "Know Alignment".

5) Human Flesh (LEAT21,ILEAT21) = One of the best armor with worst possible look. I know that armor is made from human skin, but leather can be dyed. Icon and model were repainted and armor is now simply beautiful.

6) Scarlet Ninja-To (WANINJA) = The only one for whom is this weapon useful is thief and takes LONG time before he will be able to use it. But BG2:SoA has so many scimitars +3 and only one katana +3... Scarlet Katana was born! Usable for all class, but with increased price.

Simply copy everything you want to folder "override".


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