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Planar Sphere Mod?

SaverakSaverak Member Posts: 11
I seem to recall a mad that added a lot of new quests involving the planar sphere to BG2. Is this mod compatible with BG2EE, and if so does anyone have a download link? Thanks ^_^


  • inethineth Member Posts: 636
    edited February 2016
    The mod which you seem to be looking for, is literally called "Planar Sphere Mod"... :)

    It adds lots of flavor content to the Planar Sphere stronghold, including a few mini-quests and a series of "visitors" to the sphere (which usually end in battles).

    It also adds a large quest which is super crazy and super difficult, and will send you across Athkatla (but starts and ends in the sphere). If you want you can just ignore this main quest though, and only do the mini quests and encounters.

    The Big World Project has patches to make it EE compatible. So if you're on Windows, your best bet is to use the Big World Setup to install it (and any other mods). This will automatically download the mod, apply all required patches, and ensure the correct install order - so it is very convenient.

    If you're on Linux or Mac, you can manually download the mod from one of the links in this thread, and then try to manually apply the patches found in the Big World Trimpack and Big World Fixpack in order to make it EE compatible.
  • SaverakSaverak Member Posts: 11
    edited February 2016
    Thanks :smile: Downloading BWS now.
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