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Stuck In Durlag's Tower [spoilers]

RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
A little help, fellows.

Just killed the last enemy in the third floor of Durlag's Tower, but I'm not getting teleported to the chess board.

Already reloaded the game, triple checked if anyone is alive (most of all the "elemental bosses"), tried do sleep. Nothing seems to fire the script so I can keep on my playthrough.

Can someone help me? Maybe the console command to activate the script, or remembering me of something that I maybe have forgotten.

My mods are: BG1 NPC Project, Divine Remix, SCS and Rogue Rebalancing Mod (only weapons and gears components).



Two things that maybe screwed the script:

1) I've killed the Fission Slime using only oils of burning (forgot the correct name, sorry). No spells, no elemental damage weapons, only these oils.

2) I've done the Fire Room last. And from a quick research it looks like this kind of bugs the script (couldn't find out why).

I play with only one save plus the auto-save. There's no turning back (unless I do all this floor again).


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