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Random Content Workstation

WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
edited April 2016 in BG:EE Mods
Disclaimer: This will be written for my own viewing and is not intended as a communal thread, rather it is a place where I aim to place my random work as a sort of rallying point combined with a digital back up; although you may read it if you so desire. I am very much one for transparency.

Character Name: Ozyldor Avalonaeire
Portrait Inspiration: These need to be replaced with a custom one (from I imagine being that I could pay him to get a really really great custom portrait commissioned, also after seeing some of his recent work I would think that could be a very successful and fulfilling option). I cannot steal art work (both morally and legally) and plus it looks really amateur hour. I want a higher standard than some of the other er, 'community content' with copy and paste cropped fantasy novel cover characters (which are cool that I might add, although they are not the level of quality of which that I wish to hold myself to).
Race: Elf (Oddly this is an illegal Race - Class combination within the current Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition ruling but that rule is fundamentally nonsensical and oxymoronic given that certain elf sub-races (wood elves) are traditionally one of the most nature oriented races in all of Traditional Medieval Fantasy archetypes let alone Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition.)
Class / Kit: Avenger Druid.
Player Character Ability Scores:
- Strength: 15
- Dexterity: 17
- Constitution: 15
- Intellect: 10
- Wisdom: 17
- Charisma: 15
Total Ability Score: 89 (Too high, 'Mary Sue' with the 10 intelligence. Again I don't want to become like the original The Dark Side of The Sword Coast.)
Revised Non-Player Character Ability Scores:
- Strength: 12 (-3)
- Dexterity: 16 (-1)
- Constitution: 10 (-5)
- Intellect: 15 (+5)
- Wisdom: 15 (-2)
- Charisma: 16 (+1)
Total Ability Score: 84 (-5)

Persona: A strong willed, eloquent, somewhat boisterous yet charming and moreover calculated -caster focused- Avenger Druid that does not need to be physically strong to find victory in the thick of battle. No sometimes it is all about casting a big bad fire ball to blast your foes into dust; it also works great in a pinch for dinner if any type of edible beast or wild foul is lurking about! Ozyldor found himself to be somewhat 'meek muscled' in many ways throughout his life, which arguably is reflected within his early attraction or even perhaps attributed in some varying degree to his affinity to the druidic and arcane magics. His lust for the magical mysteries and hidden powers buried within himself has affected Ozyldor to the point of even himself openly and or admittedly being somewhat the stereotypical robed spell slinger type whom shuts out the world and self-ostracizes themselves to the social world at large; only from time to time of course, one cannot be as charming and talented as himself without at least some practice! - so he boasts to roar up a few quick laughs. Although through all of his jokes and campfire stories of his magical exploits and achievements (to of which their credibility seems to be 'compromised' to tell a more 'entertaining' story) in truth Ozyldor did not have the natural muscular 'hulk' of his fellow adolescent peers that grew up around himself in his earlier years of which whom sought a more 'toe-to-toe' route to victory within combat. Although Ozyldor will openly admit and more so often than not crack up a swift witted joke about his lack of will to pursue physical strength to win his early life 'desires'; as of course and with out fail of which these type of jokes of his always end in him besting and making a fool of some manner of muscle bound hulk to win a rather 'sweet' prize. Even despite how many times that he has told the same old beaten and weathered and grossly exaggerated story of his swashbuckling tales and exploits -to death- and even to the same group of people to the point of where his peers can recite his tales line by line with a grudge and crumpled brow - he always laughs loud and proud at the end of his stories' last punch line. At large Ozyldor found that within himself he could excel by following his innate draw and or pull towards the magical and somewhat manipulative sides of combat rather than the physical and more-so 'direct' forms or angles of combat. Plus who doesn't love a good fire ball eh-eh?

- Leather Armour (Equipped)
- Gold Necklace (Equipped)
- Scimitar (Added to Slot 1)
- Dart x40 (Added to Slot 2)
- Buckler +2, Buckler of the Glimmerwood (Added to Offhand)
- Bullet x20 (Added to Leftmost Quiver Slot)
- Bullet x20 (Added to Middle Quiver Slot)
- Antidote x1
Special Innate Ability(s):
- Memorized Extra Mage Spells (within his Druid Spellbook)
>Level One: Friends, Color Spray
>Level Two: Melf's Acid Arrow, Vocalize
>Level Three: Melf's Minute Meteors, Fireball, Monster Summoning I
>Level Four: Fireshield (Red), Polymorph Other, Spawn Spider
>Level Five: Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental
>Level Six: Wyvern Call
- Innately Cast Fireball x1 Per Day

Buckler +2, 'Buckler of the Glimmerwood':

Buckler of the Glimmerwood is made of a thick rounded slab of magically enchanted and preserved ironwood dating back from past the times of antiquity and is hewn from a gigantic long ancient elder tree some three thousand years of age upon its fall within the depths a scared druidic wood found within what the travelers of the coast way now in recent times call the wood of sharp teeth. One would think that just by a gander upon this impressive display of incredulously ancient druidic enchanted craftsmanship aged beyond memory and written history that this foremost ever-living buckler would weigh a good five to seven pounds when held in the hand yet in actual fact it barely weighs even a single pound. Yet even such with the slightest of weights this stoic bulwark can beguile even some of the mightiest blows and determined attacks put up by an opponent with a properly positioned block. Upon closer inspection of this truly ancient stoic druidic champion that one may find the forward surface of this deep emerald shield to be completely overgrown and alive with thick ever regenerating placid tendrils of roots that cover the entire frontward surface with a spur of bracken emerging from the center. Most curiously the deep, impossibly rich green bracken becomes as hard as stone upon a thunderous strike of a foe yet gently flows upon the wind of even slightest of mild tempered breezes. The legend of this heirloom artifact is told loosely from the lips of the generations of druids that have grown to inhabit the druid groves that dot what is now called the Western Heartlands. Over many hundreds of years a grand tale of a druidic order that stretched from that coast of what is now known as the Sea of Sword to coast of the now named Dragonmere has been passed down from generation to generation, from elders to the young and from the passing of time of when the young become the elders. This tale been told and recited so many times to where even the oldest of trees remember its story long and true. The history of this buckler is weaved and enshadowed within a tapestry of oral tradition past from successor to successor in the now many scattered minor druidic orders that lay in the ruins of their ancestors once great wood. The last high druid of a now forlorn order of druids once residing deep within what they called the Glimmerwood placed one of the greatest endowments of her now long deceased order upon this buckler. In one last act of service to preserve her beloved wood from a band of invading humans that were destroying her wood without relent for decades by their insistent encroachment, she drew upon all of her long years of healing and protection of the Glimmerwood to place an immortal endowment upon the last seed of her wood's then late elder tree planted within a central slit of the now over grown surface of the shield. That was long, long ago in an ancient and forgotten time of when the Glimmerwood stretched from the Sea of Swords in west to the Dragonmere in the east. The last high druid of the Glimmerwood endowed her last breath of life upon the shield to pass on both her soul and legacy and that of her wood's then recently past elder tree in hopes that one day one of her bloodline may rise and become fit to smite down her now ancient and time-lost foes. The Glimmerwood is all but gone, her druidic order long, long deceased - lost to history with only this solemn buckler to uphold her legacy and hopes in that one day where she and her long conquered people fell that one of her blood and kin would rise to resurrect their ancient title of high druid of the Glimmerwood. Alas heir by heir has taken up the buckler, some have marched with rallied allies of the old wood to reclaim and conquer what they felt was their birthright, pillaging farmers' plots and razing villages to ash only to end up time and time again with their heads stuck upon a pike. Although others of her long line have tried to peacefully follow in her foot steps and have focused their entire lives upon preserving what little remains of the now shattered Glimmerwood. As of yet none of her heirs have risen to win back their wood, a wood once so thick and lush that the ancient druidic relics weave tales that deep within the heart of the Glimmerwood once so mighty that not even the light of a high noon summer sun had not pieced its canopy in over one thousand years. On the most still of nights, on the brightest of full moons it is believed that from within the roots of the Glimmerwood's elder tree's child overgrown upon this shield's face that one can still faintly hear the whispers of a forgotten tongue of the last high druid of the Glimmerwood.


Equipped Abilities:
- Armour Class: +3
- No protection against missile and piercing attacks

Special Abilities: Once per day can cast Barkskin upon the wielder.

Requires: 3 Strength

Weight: 1 lbs.

Not usable by:
All but Ozyldor

Weapon Specializations:
-Level 2: *Large Swords (Scimitar / Wackizashi / Ninjatō), *Sword and Shield Style
-Level 4: *Large Swords (Scimitar / Wackizashi / Ninjatō), *Sword and Shield Style, *Dart
-Level 6: *Large Swords (Scimitar / Wackizashi / Ninjatō), *Sword and Shield Style, *Dart

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  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    edited March 2016
    Baldur's Gate Item Improvement Suggestion List

    [Spoiler][Item Name] [Suggested 'Justice' Action]
    Arrow +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Battle Axe +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Composite Long Bow +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Short Bow +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Bracers of Defence A.C. 8 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Bracers of Defence A.C. 9 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Bullet +2 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Chainmail +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Splint Mail +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Mithril Chainmail +4 : Needs Improved Dialog
    Algernon's Cloak : Needs Improved Dialog and Perhaps a Unique BAM
    Cloak of the Shield : Needs Improved Dialog
    Holy Cloak : Needs Improved Dialog and Crafting Upgrade
    Shandalar's Cloak : Needs Unique BAM
    Dagger +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Throwing Dagger : Needs Improved Dialog
    Nester's Dagger : Needs Improved Dialog, Unique BAM
    Kylee's Dagger : Needs Improved Dialog, Unique BAM
    Hentold's Dagger : Needs Improved Dialog, Unique BAM
    Silver Dagger - Werebane : Needs Improved Dialog
    Dart +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Dart of Stunning : Needs Improved Dialog
    Good Berry : Needs Improved Dialog
    Warhammer +1 : Needs Improved Dialog
    (Basic Helms) : Possible Unique Dialogs
    Leather Armour +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Leather Armour +2 : Possible Improved Dialog
    Studded Leather Armour +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Studded Leather Armour +2 : Needs Vastly Improved Dialog
    Shadow Armour +3 : Possibly Improved Dialog - Technical
    Hide Armour : Needs Improved Dialog Statistics
    Plate Mail Armour : Needs Improved Dialog (Plates, Chain, Leather)
    Full Plate Mail +1 : Possible Improved Dialog - Technical
    (Basic Shields) : Possible Unique Dialogs
    Small Shield +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Medium Shield +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Large Shield +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles : Possible Improved Dialog - Technical
    Large Shield +2 : Possible Improved Dialog - Technical
    Sling +1 : Possible Improved Dialog - Technical
    Spear +1 : Possible Improved Dialog
    Quarter Staff +1 : Possible Improved Dialog
    Staff of Striking : Possible Improved Dialog
    Bastard Sword +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Long Sword +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Short Sword +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Short Sword of Backstabbing +3 : Needs Improved Dialog
    Hull's Longsword : Needs Improved Dialog, Unique BAM
    Moonblade +3 : Possible Improved Dialog - Technical
    Scimitar +3, Frostbrand : Needs Improved Dialog
    Scimitar +5, Defender : Needs Improved Dialog
    Perdue's Short Sword : Needs Improved Dialog, Unique BAM
    Sword of Balduran : Needs Improved Dialog
    Scimitar +1 : Needs Improved Dialog, Unique Bam [-BAM is Done]
    Two-Handed Sword +1 : Needs Improved Dialog
    Two-Handed Sword +2 ['Durlag'] : Needs Vastly Improved Dialog
    Heavy Crossbow : Needs Improved Dialog
    Heavy Crossbow +1 : Needs Magical Dialog
    Light Crossbow : Needs Unique Dialog
    Light Corssbow +1 : Needs Magical Dialog - After Light Crossbow Dialog
    Light Crossbow of Speed +1 : Possible Improved Dialog - Technical

    -All Dupicated Rings (And Other Applicable Item) Must have Either Unique or
    'General Versions' of the 'Dupilcated Item'.
    -All Potions Must have Indepth Dialogs and Statistics if Need Be-
    Potion of Iron skin? Or Golem Transformation?
    -Misc. Wands, and Scroll Items Will Be Evalued Later-
    Bassilus' Holy Symbol : Needs Improved Dialog
    Samuel : Needs Improved Dialog
    Matthew Roulston 4:17 PM 14/01/2014

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    edited March 2016
    Random 2014 Notes
    [Spoiler]Baldur's Gate
    Path of the Lost Odyssey

    Non-Magical Items List:


    Armour Padding
    AC: 9 (S,P+1,B+1) , Weight: 5lb.
    Found: Weak Enemies, Stores, Misc.

    Ankheg Field Plate [Foreign]
    AC: 2 (S-3,P-2,B-2), +50% Acid Resistance
    Found: Moayh (Fighter/Sorcerer)'s Dead Body

    Ankheg Matriarch Plate [Foreign]
    AC: 1 (S-4,P-3,B-3), +50% Acid Resistance
    Requires: Warded 'Spell casting' Ankheg Matriarch Shell

    Augmented Mail
    AC: 4 (S-2,P-1,B+2), Weight: 44lb.

    Banded Mail
    AC: 4 (S-2,P,B-1), Weight: 35lb.

    Bar Mail
    AC: 4 (S-2,P-1,B+2), Weight: 40lb.

    [Glue] Boiled Leather*
    AC: 6 (S-1,P-1,B), Weight: 17lb.

    [Water] Boiled Leather*
    AC: 7 (S,P+1,B), Weight: 15lb.

    AC: 6 (S-1,P-1,B), Weight: 35lb.

    [Horn or Wood] Brigandine
    AC: 7 (S,P-1,B), Weight: 26lb.

    Bronze Bar Mail
    AC: 5 (S-1,P-1,B+3), Weight: 36lb.

    Bronze Brigandine
    AC: 7 (S-1,P-1,B+1), Weight: 31lb.

    Bronze Chainmail
    AC: 6 (S-2,P,B+3), Weight: 36lb.

    Bronze Field Plate
    AC: 3 (S-2,P-1,B+1), Weight: 54lb.

    Bronze Plate Mail
    AC: 4, (S-2,P,B+1), Weight: 45lb.

    Bronze Scale Mail
    AC: 6 (S,P-1,B+1), Weight: 36lb.

    Bronze Splint Mail
    AC: 5 (S,P-1,B-1), Weight: 36lb.

    Double Mail
    AC: 4 (S-2,P,B+2), Weight: 45lb.

    Field Plate
    AC: 2 (S-3,P-2,B-2), Weight: 60lb.
    Found: Stores, 'Elite Enemies'.

    AC: 4 (S,P-1,B), Weight: 36lb.

    [Wood or Horn] Lamellar
    AC: 5 (S,P-1,B), Weight: 20lb.

    [Glue Boiled Leather] Lamellar
    AC: 6 (S-1,P-1,B), Weight: 17lb.

    AC: 8 (S,P+2,B), Weight: 10lb.

    Ring Mail*
    AC: 6 (S-1,P-1,B), Weight: 30lb.

    Scale Mail*
    AC: 5 (S,P-1,B), Weight: 40lb.

    [Horn or Wood] Scale Mail*
    AC: 6 (S,P-1,B), Weight: 20lb.


    Magical Items List:


    Field Plate +1
    AC: 1 (S-3,P-2,B-2), Weight: <50lb.
    Found: ? (Drop; after Cloak Wood Mines?)



    Head Bucket of Holding
    -Insane battle sorcerer Ozgurdt the haggard created this item for his 'infinity expansive mind' for he thought a normal helmet would limit his thinking power.
    -'Bag of Holding'.
    [Mintarn: Treasures of the Savage Frontier]

    Underpants of Balduran
    -50% chance to Casts Horror once per day.

    Gear of Balduran
    -Mysterious mechanical gear of Balduran.. maybe it is one of a few components for a hero suit or other magical 'good'?

    * = Original Edited[/Spoiler]
    Matthew Roulston 8:04 PM 21/12/2014

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    Random Item Concepts:
    [Spoiler]Have that overpowered Yuan-Ti Infinite Short box form a Baldur's gate Mod become a 'summoned item' once every day or 3 time a week or something for like a minute or two [scales with power or class or race of user?] Anyway it si a summoning stone for the bow stored away in a far away treasure trove or something. Infinite magical arrows and glowing box I suppose, a very hard battel that should be near unbeatable for the levels in abldur's gate; maybe a a beatable battle to reward replays with imported characters whom already beat the agme once? We will see..
    -Matthew Roulston 7:20 PM 25/04/2015

    Have an Indestrucible Magical Cobalt Blue Tall Thinly thik walled Glass Bottle that is always Full of Pure Water; Pure Holy Water once it is upgraded.
    -Infinite Glass Bottle of Striking- 1d4 or 1d6 of Blunt Damage, +3 Water Based Damage vs. Fire Based Creatures, with ~4 Speed and able to be used by all classes; 3 pounds. Use: Dose wielder in water +10% fire resistance for ~5-10 minutes.Unlimited charges, ~20-30-45 second cast time. (Possile custom spash of water spell in a small cone in front of the wielder?)
    -Infinite Glass Bottle of Holy Striking- 1d4+1 or 1d6+1 Blunt Damage, +3 Water Based Damage vs. Fire Based Creatures, +3 THAC0 vs. Undead +2d4 points of damage vs. undead with ~3 Speed, once per day heals 1d6+1 or 1d4+1 (Weapon Damage) to drinker and is able to be used by all classes; 2 pounds. Use: Dose wielder in holy water +10% fire resistance for ~5-10 minutes.Unlimited charges, ~20-30-45 second cast time. (Possile custom spash of holy water spell in a small cone in front of the wielder?)[/Spoiler]
    Matthew Roulston 28/04/2015

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    Baldur's Gate: Path of the Lost Odyssey Master File Uploaded to Mega

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    Project B.o.W. and Project Path of the Lost Odyssey are going to be focused upon. World of Warcraft Project is now a sleeping project. 8:01 PM 06/03/2016

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    Too bad Baldur's Gate is not quite the game for classic rock and roll, I am starting to get pretty good at it in the vocals department. I wonder if I should pursue new music. At least I should pursue new voice sets for new Non-Player Characters. I should try that out for a new set of male characters, I suspect that I could get a better range if I research some good voice filters for a better palette.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    Wand of Goodberries

    Once per day cast Goodberries (x5).
    Matthew Gordon Roulston 2:31 AM 07/03/2016

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 923
    Faldorn Unique Item: Cloak of Beasts / Cloak of the Wilds, Animal Summoning II once per day.
    Quest Finale Rough Possible Position Concept:

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