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Enemies immune to vorpal/instant death effects



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,448
    have fun with the first soa dungeon of tactics and don't use the dungeon be gone mod...
    the first soa dungeon will change your way to see bg2, there you don't have super equipment and have to deal with enemies that are more challenging then the usual ones, at first it seems impossible, but can be done both with party and solo.

    items upgrade does not change the battles, it only allows cromwell and cespenar to upgrade more items, you will need a lot of money as you pay more then what you pay for the vanilla upgrades.
    probably without also playing tactics or an other difficulty mod it makes you too powerful, so use some self restrain if you plan to go only with it.

    download the mods and read the readme files, there are some hints for the tactics battles and a complete list of the new upgraded items of items upgrade.

    good luck with tactics...

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