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Hero of a Thousand Faces portraits



  • kaguanakaguana Member Posts: 1,328
    GemHound said:

    My favourites in my list there are by Isandir, sXeven, Peter Balogh, Iovem Clayton and Eskarine. I've actually used 4 of those so far for characters.
    The one I remember the most though(other than playing myself) was Victasaadi Falconsflight, which was the one by sXeven.

    Another note is I'm finding the artist using the google image search:
    All you have to do with that is drag and drop an image or copy-paste the link and it will find the picture's origins, though I can't seem to get rid of pinterest results which is annoying.

    That searching way is a good idea I was just looking with the name of the picture.

    I bet a lot of us here are fans of @Isandir :) pity that he is not around much anymore and not making more of his amazing portrait.

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