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SoD NPCs and the BG1 NPC project mod

ArdulArdul Member Posts: 173
So, I will hold off playing SoD until it is patched a bit and I can make an EET install.

But I am curious, and would like to hear from people who have played SoD, is there some sort of continuity between the personalities we see in BG1 NPC Project and their personality in SoD? Or are there some marked and noticeable changes?

I realise that the NPC project mod is not canon, but for me it is indispensable, and I am curious how well it meshes with the new content.

So if someone would like to make some comments on that, I'd be very grateful :) and please don't be too spoilery. Let's try to keep it to the general tone and style of the characters.


  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 610
    Imoen feels different, but I always thought she was too silly in the NPC project. Jaheira and Khalid seem consistent. Didn't play Safana in the NPC project yet, so can't comment on her.

  • ArdulArdul Member Posts: 173
    Thanks for that :). If Imoen seems more grown up, I think that makes sense. What about Viconia?

  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 610
    Ardul said:

    Thanks for that :). If Imoen seems more grown up, I think that makes sense. What about Viconia?

    Didn't have her in my party yet. I am on my goody playthrough.

  • ArdulArdul Member Posts: 173
    Now that the forums have become less of war-zone, I thought I'd give this topic another try and see if someone else has played the expansion by now :)

  • AMP1972AMP1972 Member Posts: 57
    Imoen is a pest, and a cheat. Bad scripting makes her look even worse, as in the tutorial dungeon she urges the main player (if she can find him or her) to leave, before that pile of books (HER quest goal), supposedly for Duchess Jannath (Duke male, Duchess female) is discovered.

    Viconia has two problems: Low Hitpoints & low strength. Some weapons have a minimum strength now, and items boosting stats are VERY rare, hence even export & restart to multiply them is an ordeal. But she is actually great for the evil group, works well with Baeloth, Dorn, and Edwin.

    Safana, ony thief NPC voiced, is difficult to get thru alive, but her trap disarm & open lock make her worthwhile nonetheless. Low HP, but later she can stealth-kill by bow, crossbow, or that backstabber cudgel found in the crusader camp.

    Baeloth does well, but you need to prepare for raise dead (once more, and very often), but until you dislike his personality he will be a powerful asset, and minor fun.

    My solution was to rewrite the EXP table, so my NPC join 5 levels higher. Needless to say that BARELY suffices for AD&D or HARD difficulty, until reloading & then tactically wasting hours on each combat is your thing... For the LICH quest & planar lich (regeneration ring loot) I would need some more cheating (which I actually dislike very much).

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