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MerinaMerina Member Posts: 303
When resolving the encounter of Crommus and Carline peacefully ... he refers to his grave at the east side of the forest.

Hints appreciated ... where to find that grave? I've explored everything on the Coastway Crossing map ... running into respawning monsters again and again ... even keeping Safana in Find Traps Detect Illusions mode ... but I cannot find any grave.


Reading the topics on the shield Takos wants to be returned ... could it be that I need to leave this area and explore the next area? ... Oh my ...

Hard to find in this forum when using the wrong search terms:


  • forktheworldforktheworld Member Posts: 88
    Don't need to leave the area. Look inside the cave that the dwarves are fighting in on the far east side of the map. I had the same problem for a while.
  • MerinaMerina Member Posts: 303
    Yeah ... I had edited the post above already with the link to the other post with all the spoilers. There's even a "Crommus's Grave" marker on the overview map inside the Dwarven Dig Site ... but frankly, I would not have entered it again to search for an unrelated grave. I expected the grave to be some small area below a tree ... perhaps with a wooden cross or a tomb stone ... and all that at the edge of the forest.
  • CLsdlt80CLsdlt80 Member Posts: 82
    He should say "inside the dig site", not "east of forrest"... also, as of, this quest is still bugged with the ghost loop, had to ctrl + y the woman's ghost since she keeps respawning after being killed, and after a couple of times the dialogue freezes and you can't interact with any of them again :#
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