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Commoner appearance bug in the city of Baldur's Gate

elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,221
edited September 2012 in Fixed
While randomly exploring one of the lesser visited inns in the south west part of the city of Baldur's Gate I came across this lass sitting at a table. She is clearly missing legs and pants, as well as a properly coloured top.

Current Behaviour: She (and I know it is a she from her voice) is incomplete in how she is coloured. When I clicked on her she says "how are you?", and there are 3 other women on the floor of this inn that say the same thing when you click on them who are also discoloured. I tried leaving the area and coming back and it was still the case. I am running vanilla BG from Gog (so it has totsc as well as any patches included in the install by gog). However, I do not have the BG fixpack installed.

Here are some pictures of the current people as they are.



Expected behaviour: She should be coloured and clothed properly.

The location of this group of people is here



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