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[MOD] Artaport 4.0

EtaminEtamin Member Posts: 806
edited August 2018 in General Modding


Artaport is package containing portraits made by Artrastrophe . It's dedicated only for Enhanced Edition Baldur's Gate games and future Enhanced Edition Trilogy. It includes over 100 portraits for PC installed manually and NPC portraits installed by WeiDU. If you want to have Artrastrophe portraits in BG1/BG2/BGT/Tutu, then check LavaDelVortel PaintBG mod. There's also portraits preview.


1) If you want to use portraits for PC you need to copy-paste folder "portraits" into either C:\Users\user\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition
C:\Users\user\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition
Last 8 male and 2 female portraits (those with exclamation mark) was used by me for components 4) and 5) described below. If you don't use them, feel free to use those portraits for you own PC. But if so, don't be surprised when you will meet you own doppelganger!

2) If you want to change NPC portraits then simply unzip folder "artaport" + "setup-Artaport.exe" into one of the Enhanced Edition game folder (the one with chitin.key) and run "setup-Artaport.exe". You can chose which components you want. To uninstall run "setup-PaintBG.exe" again and select the uninstall option. This mod covers some changes made by one of the most famous and mandatory mod for BGII:EE - Unfinished Business 2 (Baldur's Gate II) and it needs to be installed after it.


1) Change portraits in BGI:EE - it replaces all NPC and default PC portraits in Baldur's Gate I: Enhanced Edition.

2) Change portraits in SoD - it replaces all NPC and default PC portraits in Baldur's Gate I: Siege of Dragonspear.

3) Change portraits in BG2:EE - it replaces all NPC and default PC portraits in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

4) Add portraits to non-joinable NPCs in BG1:EE - it adds portraits in dialogue box to 14 plot-important, non-joinable NPCs

Angelo Belt DavaeornDrizztElminster Eltan Gorion Liia Mulahey Rieltar Sarevok Scar Tamoko Tazok

5) Add portraits to non-joinable NPCs in BG2:EE - it adds portraits in dialogue box to plot-important, non-joinable NPCs. So far only 2 NPCs had them. This component adds them to 11 more.


6) Restore BG1:EE NPC portraits - it restores portraits for non-joinable NPCs in BG2:EE known from BG1:EE.

7) Add portrait to Edwina - component made by Wendy Yung (cliffette) for Tweaks Antology (previously BG2 Tweaks). It changes Edwin portrait for female one during his quest.


Current version of this mod doesn't have portraits for plot NPCs in Siege of Dragonspear and Wilson NPC from Baldur's Gate II. If Artastrophe will create them, then they will be added here. If you want to support her and accelerate process of making those portraits, feel free to order commissions.


Artastrophe - created all portraits
Lava Del'Vortel - resized most of them
Wendy Yung (cliffette) - created Edwina portrait component
AstroBryGuy and Cahir - helped with code
Ayeotiee - shared his portraits

Change log

1.0 Initial release.
1.1 Changed Davaeorn, Anomen and Edwin portraits.
1.2 Changed Drizzt portrait.
2.0 Reorganized everything and added WeiDU installation with components for non-joinable NPCs for BG1:EE and BG2:EE.
2.1 Gave Ardulace more unique portrait and fixed Viconia and Minsc secondary portraits.
2.5 Added BG2:EE component restoring portraits to NPCs known from BG1:EE.
3.0 Fixed one bug and components order for it to work with EET.
3.1 Added missing Sarevok and Illasera portraits and compability with @Pecca Dragonspear UI++.
3.5 Weidu upgraded to version 23903 and BWS support.
4.0 Added 7 new portaits for PC and fixed 1 bug with Irenicus portrait.

Unfinished Business 2 (Baldur's Gate II):,29677.msg339528.html#msg339528


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