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Viconia Romance Question [spoilers]



  • fbencefbence Member Posts: 29
    It didn't actually, I'm already in SoA, but I'm probably going to load an older save and try getting the 5th triggered.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 525
    I did some digging through the SoD dialogue files, so if you'd like to know exactly where and when each dialogue occurs, see the Spoilers below!
    CHAPTER 8 or 9:
    ViconiaRomance1: Unfortunately this one occurred quite a while back so I am unsure of where exactly it pops, but it definitely occurs before Chapter 10. Viconia remarks on the coincidence of finding herself back in your company. She still has trouble coming to terms with how differently typical drow behaviour and norms conflict with surfacer expectations, so try to be understanding.

    CHAPTER 10:
    ViconiaRomance2: Occurs in the Coalition Camp, most likely during the first time you arrive. Viconia is wary about the presence of so many Flaming Fist around.

    ViconiaRomance3: Occurs in the Underground River aboveground map. Viconia is surprised (and grudgingly admiring) that Khalid is still devoted to Jaheira. This is the "Are you interested in anyone else?" make-or-break conversation for Viconia. Make sure you pick Viconia as your response, even if she chastises you for it afterwards.

    ViconiaRomance4: Occurs in the Underground River, just after crossing the bridge to the north of the Crusader supply camp. Viconia mentions that she now dislikes being underground. Depending on your dialogue options, she can talk a bit about why she fled from the Underdark.

    ViconiaRomance5: Occurs in the Underground River, after you return from causing some mischief in Dragonspear Castle OR planting the Bwoosh barrel. Viconia complains about her feet being sore. She seems moody, so take care not to be either overtly hostile or abjectly ingratiating (which reminds her of cringing drow males back home), and the romance is safe.

    CHAPTER 11:
    ViconiaRomance6: Occurs right before entering the portal to Avernus. Impossible to miss. A surprisingly heartwarming exchange with Viconia which probably plants the seeds for the true romance to blossom in BG2.

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