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[Known] A few bugs with multiple shamans, one particularly important.

Sids1188Sids1188 Member Posts: 165
edited April 2016 in Troubleshooting
My charname shaman has finished BGEE and is now in SoD up to recruiting M'Khiin. After seeing her summon goblin spirits in the cutscene, I decided to give her a go, and found a couple of rather odd side-effects between our two dances:

1. The spirit dance states seem to affect each other in strange ways. If M'k summons some spirits and then Charname goes into her dance, M'k is able to move around without her spirits disappearing. If we chain our dances, we can move all over while keeping the spirits alive, as long as one of us is dancing. Doesn't always work, and I don't know what exactly the conditions are, but it happens frequently.

2. The spirit count seems to be shared between us. If M'k has her spirits out, my shaman is unable to summon any more and vice versa.

3. And this one is by far the most important. Ever since I added M'k to my party, our maximum spirits was set to 2 - I was level 9, she was level 7, both of use should be able to summon 3 each yet only 2 spirits can be summoned between us both. Especially problematic, is that removing her from my party leaves me still only able to summon 2 spirits. Worse still, loading an old save (before recruiting her) doesn't correct it either, nor does quitting the game and restarting it. It seems she has overwritten a variable in the game somewhere. This appears to be solved, see comment below.

TL:DR - If you are using a shaman, do not recruit M'Khiin. Probably don't create 2 shamans either, but I haven't tried that.

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  • Sids1188Sids1188 Member Posts: 165
    Looks like the third one was my mistake. Shortly before recruiting M'k I had gotten Viconia to use animate dead. The skeleton - which was standing several screens away in the forest - was counting towards my spirit limit (which itself seems like a bug). Killing it brought me back to my 3 summon limit.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,605
    Thanks for advising. The other two are already reported.

  • KingxexKingxex Member Posts: 21
    This issue was never addressed. I am bumping for awareness. I can confirm that more than 1 shaman still behaves oddly. I made a party of 5 shamans on BG:EE and only 2 spirits can be active at any one time, when really there should be 10. Moving any of the shamans (even the ones that summoned the spirits) does not remove the spirits as long as someone, anyone, is still dancing.

    The spirits also behave randomly, they sometimes follow the original shaman that summoned them, and sometimes they follow someone else. Sometimes they stand where they were summoned and don't move. Very strange.

  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 65
    Bumping this again...for fun I decided to create a Black Pits party of all shamans and dance all the time, see how that worked. You only get two spirits. :(

    Is this maybe an engine limitation? Devs don't want parties with 30 elemental spirits floating around at high levels? Regardless, I would think that even having just two shamans in a party wouldn't be an extreme use case, parties go around with two mages or two clerics all the time. It seems silly that shamans are simply incompatible with each other on this level.

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