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[BG2] Summoned 16 HD Fire Elemental has wrong Strength score

hansolohansolo Member Posts: 136
edited November 2012 in Fixed
The Spell Conjure Fire Elemental [sppr605 + spwi620] summons with
60% chance: a 12 HD Fire Elemental
35% chance: a 16 HD Fire Elemental
5% chance: a 24 HD Fire Elemental

Actual Behavior:
The 16 HD Fire Elemental has lower Strength (14 STR) than the 12 HD one (18 STR).

Desired Behavior:
It should actually have 18 Strength just like the weaker version.

Involved CRE-files (16 HD Fire Elemental):

1) That's more a problem concerning BG2, I guess :)
2) Made the title more clear
3) Added correction from Wisp

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