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Request: Stop movement from ending a shaman's dance.

CalemyrCalemyr Member Posts: 226
This one seems to me like it'd be a fairly straight forward one for those who know how modding works.

The Shaman class released in 2.0 has a horrible "feature" to it. It only works when you stand still. If you move, all the spirits that you've called to your aid vanish immediately. I can understand actions stopping the dance, for instance bards can't attack or cast spells while performing bardic music, but movement is absurdly crippling for a class that seems determined to shoot itself in the foot at every turn.

We've got mods that alter Bardic Music (such as breaking invisibility), and on the surface this Spirit Dance seems to be the same type of ability. I would assume it's a simple matter of either changing a binary value or altering an entry in the ability's variable list. I lack the tools and familiarity with modding to do it myself.



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