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Total War: Warhammer Edition

moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
edited June 2016 in Off-Topic
Has anyone played this yet? It's awesome!

I'm having a blast playing as the Dwarven faction. The game is a bit easier to get into than some of the other Total War games I've played. Micromanagement of settlements is much simplified and the game is generally more accessible.

Each of the different factions is played in a very different fashion.

Dwarves are solid and steadfast yet not very mobile. They are suited to withstanding charges and forcing the enemy to attack them on ground of their choosing and have the best artillery in the game. Their units are expensive though so can be difficult to field large armies without the proper infrastructure. The dwarves have a book of Grudges which serve as a sort of mini-quests when they are wronged. For instance if an orc army defeats one of your own then an entry may be made in this book which would require you to defeat this army. Part of the dwarves winning conditions is that all grudges must be settled.

Orcs are as you would expect. Savage fighters who are relatively cheap to maintain. The goblins in their ranks server as cheap fodder units whereas Black Orcs serve as their more hardy shock troops. Orcs have an attribute called Fightiness which is raised by... well fighting lots. When it's raised high enough it will spontaneously spawn a free army for them (as their fightiness deeds inspire their orc kin).

The Vampire Counts on the other hand are much weaker individually, however they have the ability to raise huge cheap armies from the dead on battlefields. So losing a battle with them can potentially give them an instant large army straight afterwards. They are more focused on manipulation of factions rather than all out war. They also corrupt their lands which mean that invading armies may take damage when travelling across them - likewise they will take damage when travelling across non-corrupted lands so spreading your vampiric corruption is another mechanic you need to consider.

The various Human factions play as a more Jack of all Trades. They have good cavalry, good air support and plenty of mages. I'm a bit light on details as I haven't played or fought any human realms yet.

Each of the factions has many distinct kingdoms in it. So playing as Dwarves you start as the main dwarven faction, there are around 10 or so other dwarven factions which you will need to deal with. Eventually to win you need to claim all of the dwarven lands so will need to acquire their territories by force, deed or diplomacy.

And above all is the imminent invasion of Chaos. A force which simply wants to destroy everything.

Check it out if you like this genre.

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  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 4,955
    Oh man, I thought it was just another mod at first when I saw your post. I had no idea the TW series would go in this direction. Still haven't played TW:Rome 2 yet, but have poured in thousands of hours into mainly Rome:TW, its mods, and Medieval:TW, as well as, Empires.

    Never played anything Warhammer, so know nothing about its lore other than that dwarves have super-high mohawks and elfs have giant cone heads. What you describe sounds very interresting though, that the different races actuall play out in different ways. That's kinda new for the series I guess, and sounds more like a RTS like warcraft 3 than previous installments in the TW series.

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