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The Road to 3.0



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  • DregothofTyrDregothofTyr Member Posts: 228
    To be honest, as skeptical as I was of the ui changes for 2.0, I'm actually pretty happy with where it ended up, at this point Beamdog really needs to fix the many, many bugs in BG, SoD and BG2, especially the inventory lag, stacking bugs, and some UI issues such as the yellow box to highlight selected items in stores, which is nearly invisible. Also, certain zoom levels don't let you mouse scroll, enter works for some submenus and not others, many inconsistencies between games in terms of menus and UI, especially BG2. Please, please please Beamdog fix these bugs, especially the inventory ones like not responding to clicks made in succession and stacks within pouches/bags not working sometimes. Once Beamdog fixes these bugs and menu inconsistencies I will be very happy with the mechanical state of the game, but I am finding it very frustrating to play at this juncture.

  • prairiechickenprairiechicken Member Posts: 149
    I would like to see a new game if anything, I don't think we need ANOTHER overhaul for the old games

  • PohjanmaalainenPohjanmaalainen Member Posts: 35
    One wild thing of high fantasy that Beamdog might try, is making (optional) 3rd edition mode for whole BG saga. Aside from that I can't actually say much, because it has probably been a decade since I played Baldur's Gate without a profanityton of mods, and I can't honestly say anything about vanilla/clean installation.

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