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The Road to 3.0

So if we ever see a 3.0 patch, what would you like in it?

I would want difficulty to be individual sliders. I like playing Core Rules but go down to normal to learn scrolls. It would be nice to set your damage, monster damage, learning scrolls, etc. independent of each other. A
Shaman stronghold would be nice too.



  • JustLeftJustLeft Member Posts: 76
    Another difficulty option much more similar to SCS.
    More control of the audio, separating combat music from standard music.
    If not too much work, separating saves by playthroughs similar to PoE.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,243
    There are legal issues with that.

    There are mods you can install, like G3 BG2Tweaks, that will allow you to memorize all spells if you want. I don't know what system you play on, but as long as its not iOS, they are very easy to install.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,449
    The most exciting thing about any future Road to X will be Milestones and Rewards for all the participants ;)

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
    I still see a lot of issues with the UI, and I'm waiting for regression fixes for issues still left over from 2.0. Inventory lag, missing UI sounds, store issues, diminished usability on the world map and dialog screens. Those are my main concerns.

  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,001
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,998
    edited June 2016
    Adul said:

    I still see a lot of issues with the UI, and I'm waiting for regression fixes for issues still left over from 2.0. Inventory lag, missing UI sounds, store issues, diminished usability on the world map and dialog screens. Those are my main concerns.

    And don't forget the slooow area scroll speed. I'm still at v2.1 because of this issue. (It's no fun when the characters move faster than I can scroll the map.)

  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,780
    As a Baldur's Gate fan, I would gladly participate in The Road to 3.0

  • GreenWarlockGreenWarlock Member Posts: 1,354
    I want it to be available in the Mac App store ;)

    It would be nice to have a solution for those that bought the game on disk too...

  • JustLeftJustLeft Member Posts: 76
    argent77 said:

    And don't forget the slooow area scroll speed. I'm still at v2.1 because of this issue. (It's no fun when the characters move faster than I can scroll the map.)

    Yeah, the mouse scrolling is really slow for some reason even with maxed speed, keyboard works fine.

  • magisenseimagisensei Member Posts: 316
    Ah 3.0 a dream... lets see what would I like for beamdog to fix a dream list of fixes/changes:

    1) Fix the shaman class especially the dance - not so much that you have to dance but add defenses if you have a character that cannot move - you are calling spirits and that should give the character an aura of fear that scares everything (including undead); better spells as well would be nice

    2) Fix the exploits in the game - they already did it by making weapon proficiencies later when dualing in the latest patch to some degree but it make so that you cannot gain points in the first class after dualing at all.

    3) Fix cheesy battles tactics - NO more fog of war exploits.

    4) Allow monsters/foes to open doors and move out of cloud kills - why the heck do they stand around waiting to die - stupid AI; make the monster AI smart enough to do simple things at the very least. No more allowing the dialogue cheese or neutral monster not reacting to adventurers doing things in their lair- its hard to imagine a dragon not reacting to a bunch of adventurers trapping his lair or casting in the same area or even sleeping in the same lair as the dragon.

    Make dragons much smarter especially when battling in their own lair - e.g. whenever parties go into a dragon lair the dragon casts dispel magic on them automatically even before dialogue - so that means no pre-buffing; also no summons as the dragon destroys them with a death spell or something; and the moment that anyone traps, moves to surround the dragon or casts spells of any kind outside of a healing spell it will be considered a hostile action and the dragon will be allowed the first attack with its breath weapon, wing buffet and dragon fear. Give dragons saves against all spells that breach their spells and allow them to cast at a much higher level.

    5) Fix the cheesiness of certain classes - especially nerf the berserker rage - so it is not so OP.

    6) Kindly re-imagine or rebalance some of the other underused classes - shapeshifter, beastmaster

    7) MORE druid spells - is it really that hard to get the druid spells from IWD and bring them into BG?

    8) Make the difficulty slider so that monsters get smarter, call for reinforcements, cast better spells - make certain monsters like dragons, beholders and mind flayers much more dangerous and smarter.

    9) Fix UAI so it is not so over powered - make it such that you have to pick it for individual types of things - UAI for weapons; UAI for armor; UAI for shield; UAI for scrolls (and limit the level in which thieves can cast to level 3); UAI should not allow them to use class-specific artifact weapons at all. Really nerf this HLA.

    10) Make HLA class specific with no choices or even more restricted choices for each class and make it less epic so that your regular skills are still viable.

    11) Give the shaman a stronghold of some kind. Actually make one for the monk as well. If the PC is a wild mage give him the choice of rebuilding the wild mage sanctuary as a new stronghold.

    12) FIX Hexxat not only her quest and story line especially the end but the character as well - she is not that great as a vampire. Lots of tiny inconsistencies in the story line that should also be addressed at the very least.

    13) Loosen restriction for race and classes - yes I know there is a mod out there that does it and I use it - but it never made sense to me that halflings for example could not be rangers or mages or bards - as a cultural group it is like saying that these sort of jobs don't exist for them - which is just not true; Of course if you want to loosen restrictions also give certain restrictions as well - like gnomes can only be illusionist - give these loosen race and class restrictions new restrictions.

    14) Fix the over powered weapons in the game - make the staff of the magi more inline with the pnp version - no more equipped invisibility but make it a charge ability - make it less cheesy; other weapons include the shield of cheese ahem balduran and the cloak of cheesiness.

    15) make "evil" actions have more consequences - eg. sacrificing an animal to call the demon (in the kuo toa caves) - any paladin/ranger like PC/NPC automatically falls for doing this; everyone else takes a rep loss of at least 3 and make it such that when called the demons cast there own version of time stop to stop those that like to use cheese tactics to end the battle quickly - make the demons smarter and deadlier.

    16) Fix it such that HLA is not possible in SoA at all - allow them to continue to accumulate xp and pick HLA but make it such that you cannot access them until ToB; and no access into WK until at least chapter 6 in SoA. All HLA are activated when the ToB story line starts.

    17) Slightly fix the monk class - such that monks can have the option to have magical or non-magical fist as they desire. And fix the walking speed so that it can be activated instead.

    Tiny RANT:

    Actually I love to see an entire re-imagining of the entire monk class since it is so odd - monks in the medieval European world certainly were not like the 2e version not with fist and etc - they were a religious order - so making them more cleric like; but the 2e mixes Eastern monks (with fists fighting like some odd but lesser version of a Shaolin monk) but they can't use staffs - just so odd - the 2e version was some really weird hybrid of the two and for me at least.

    Also give monks their own version of HLA - yes I know a mod does it - but it would be nice to have it without using a mod.

    18) implement Advanced AI - I have no idea why this function was not included in the Bg2ee version since BGee and SoD got it.

    19) Fix the weapon slots changes - so you can change weapons with greater ease - like what you did with BGee - I don't know why this wasn't added since it works with BGee and SoD.

    20) Fix some of the spell inconsistencies - for example with invisible you are not allowed to interact with the environment but invisible thieves can still disarm traps and not lose invisibility.

    21) Allow parties to only partially rest in dungeons/areas that are obviously dangerous - no one should be allowed to rest in the lair of the mind flayer or beholder (in the underdark) much less in the lair of a dragon - but lets say you can partially rest in the mind flayer lair but only let them rest for a few hours to simulate members keeping watch - so the party only partially heals and only regains some spells from a limited rest. And no you can NOT do it a bunch of times in a row.

    22) Rebalancing the rogue class and kits - similar to the mod would be nice and NO MORE backstabbing with a 6 foot staff - that is just dumb.

    23) Optional - no more min or maxing stats especially those minimum stats like 3 for INT or CHA or WIS - make serious consequences for those that like to play min/max - basically more dialogue choices or more limited choices for those that have these sort of stats to reflect their min if they have to use it during dialogue.

    24) No potion stacking of the same potion allowed especially potion of mastery thievery so that those that love to steal will actually have to put points into pick pocketing.

    25) Make stealing and pick pocketing failures less severe - its a petty crime - pay a fine lose a rep or two or even lose the entire merchant for a while - make prices higher - but don't make them go hostile especially not normal merchants - thief merchants can go hostile still but not normal ones.

    26) Make the evil rep a bit more interesting such that they can accumulate rep for being infamous but this makes prices go up for them and some merchants will even refuse to sell to them and have evil parties that are infamous (with a high infamous rep of 17+) might be hunted down by bounty hunters and guards whenever they enter a city (encounters with city guards can end with the evil party bullying them to leave without a battle but with a hit to rep). Also allow infamous high rep that ability to make other random encounters fear them for being infamous - so that they run away when the evil party is recognized. Of course black market merchants will give a slight discount for infamous evil parties for fear of being targeted by them but only slightly (maybe a 5-10% discount) And temples of good alignment refuse to help infamous evil parties.

  • magisenseimagisensei Member Posts: 316

    Already use most of them for my game - as mods make the game better for me. BUT it would be nice if beamdog would add or fix or change certain things.

    I have to try the improved shaman dance mod - going to have to take a look at that. thanks

    18) was meant for scripts for your NPC not monsters. I should have been clearer.

    Yes mods are great and it is a personal preference but there are exploits and cheesiness that the game can do without in order to make BG a better game.

    If 2e rules were better integrated with IE then some of the exploits and cheesiness would be gone.

    [Deleted User]
  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,073
    Well, the topic says "what would you like in 3.0 patch", so entire thread should be about "personal preferences".

  • KampfKaninchenKampfKaninchen Member Posts: 139
    Please, take no offense, but to read that from you
    That way everyone can play their own idealized versions of the games.
    is kinda funny. (Hint: ability to play version 1.3) ;)

  • AedanAedan Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 8,526
    edited June 2016

    The most exciting thing about any future Road to X will be Milestones and Rewards for all the participants ;)

    Well. Still no sign of the Road to 2.0 rewards...

  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,073
    Well, if I were to wish something:
    - subraces; they'd make nice possibility to customize our Bhaalspawn or party in Black Pits
    - loosen race restrictions on classes: I think every playable race should have access to core professions: fighter, thief, mage and cleric, and that's minimum
    - change ending of Black Pits 2. Seriously.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 845
    Fix the black bars at the edge of character animations

    why isn't anyone else seeing those!? :cry:

  • mf2112mf2112 Member, Moderator Posts: 1,919

    Fix the black bars at the edge of character animations

    why isn't anyone else seeing those!? :cry:

    Are you talking about something other than the sprite outlines that you can disable in the graphics options?

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 845
    Hm. Yes indeed I am. And you made me realize these two things could easily be confused with eachother.

    Well hopefully some users know what I mean.

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,826

    Hm. Yes indeed I am. And you made me realize these two things could easily be confused with eachother.

    Well hopefully some users know what I mean.

    You're not crazy, I see them too. I believe they are called .BAM seams, though I don't know for sure.

  • batoorbatoor Member Posts: 677
    edited June 2016
    Polish to certain places through the games like they did with Rasaads quest in 2.0. Now Gamaz actually says something before he dies and before it ended rather abrupt, small but significant.

    Oh and on that note with Rasaads quest..Probably a buff to the dark moon monks, I don't know how.. Give them a few illegal buffs for monks at that level. As it is at the moment, they go down as easily as gibberlings.

    Making it way too easy to get that Big Fisted Belt.

  • ChadChad Member Posts: 90
    I am interested to see what new improvements they make. The elation I felt when I realized I can equip two weapons or a shield alongside a bow or two-handed weapon cannot be expressed adequately with my meager vocabulary! :blush: Between that and no longer needing to walk to each defeated enemy to loot the time saved is immense! I enjoy these enhancements more than the new NPC's (which I do like for the most part) or anything else brought about by EE. I don't know that I could go back to playing the originals just for the simple benefit of two weapon fighting no longer being an issue when wanting a ranged option!

    It would be REALLY nice if there was a way to make the game 'seamless' without heavy modding, but I imagine that would fall under the 'contractually impossible' requests since it would change the game. As an aside it WOULD be nice to at least require Sarevok's entire party to be defeated and perhaps returning to Belt in order to proceed from BG1/ToSC to SoD if for no other reason then to more easily grab their loot! :) I know BGT will probably eventually mod it so you can play a seamless game with SoD, but would be great if the 'vanilla' experience was already somewhat more seamless. It's a bit jarring to go from Sarevok's death to immediately being in some new dungeon. Would be much nicer to travel back to Belt, have a bit of end game 'attaboy' dialogue before the move over.

    One thing I would be happy with is if some spell durations were a bit different and/or level based such as the armor improving spells and the like. I can get Armor/Stoneskin for 9 hours, but can't get ghost/spirit armor or shield to last any longer than an hour (or 3 turns)? I think shield lasts 5 rounds / lvl in IWDEE, that would be nice...

  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,962
    Rodrian said:

    I wish that Beamdog could start to consume some of the most wanted MODs, and add them straight to the game(s), like BG1 NPC Project or @Adul 's GUI tweaks + nearly all @smeagolheart 's ones ^^

    I think @Rodian has a good point :)

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