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I hate the NPCs



  • JumboWheat01JumboWheat01 Member Posts: 1,028
    If only we'd spend more time elsewhere in games based on the the Realms than the Sword Coast. Kinda sick of the place.

  • PK2748PK2748 Member Posts: 381

    Balance? In PnP? The source of Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards? I shall laugh.


    The problem is PnP balances on Wizards are the most ignored because they take work from a GM. Nobody ever plays with spell components and nobody worried about spells like Wish aging their character to death. Not to mention that a GM decides every spell accessible to the players. Again all hard to implement in a video game and takes a firm GM but it does work well. There is also the prepared spell conundrum, trying to be prepared for the unknown. The warrior talents always apply but you never know what you need in PnP and that also adds to the balance.

    As for Kara Tur, of course there are other cultures but ninjas are thieves, wu jen are mages and samurai fighters. You don't need new classes just new gear. Basic skills are perfectly transferable

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