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David_Gaider needs a list



  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511

    I would recommend that certain character builds not be suddenly ineffective in major/boss fights. Major enemies who are arbitrarily immune to magic/precision damage/whatever when the game has otherwise encouraged you to build your character around such things is pretty frustrating.

    In a party based game I don't have a problem with that, provided it isn't the same immunities every time. I like it when a different party member than usual gets a chance to shine.
  • magoojymagoojy Member Posts: 8
    edited January 2017
    1. A REAL giant space hamster.
    2. Minsc
    3. Boo
  • ArgyleArgyle Member Posts: 48
    1. The return of Narlen Darkwalk (incl. Thieve's Cant dialogs)
    2. Illusionist class more like 1E AD&D - with real illusion/phantasmal force spells, Hypnotic pattern, Shadow Monsters, Change Self, Prismatic Wall, Alter Reality, etc.
    3. Ki-Rin (per my other post)
  • KavainKavain Member Posts: 4
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    What would be your top-three list of things you absolutely, positively would need to see present in that game -- whether it be in the story or the feature list?

    Here is my top three list of what I think makes a good game truly great:

    1) A captivating main story, rich companions with meaningful character arcs, which you as the PC can influence considerably with your actions and conversations.

    For instance: BGII or KOTOR 2 did this where you could steer your companions towards a certain path or another.

    2) A morality system that acknowledges your decisions, your dialogue choices and how you treat your surroundings in general. Those choices should have an impact on your alignment as well as your reputation. Those two systems, again, could be used to further dialogue options.

    For instance: If you are known to never take prisoners and you threaten someone, that person should react accordingly. Pillars of Eternity had this implemented in their dialogue options.

    3) The freedom to approach a problem in different ways. Like combat, diplomacy, high enough attributes, class related abilities or maybe asking your companions for opinions.

    For instance: A witty, silver tongued bard (INT+CHR) might be able to jest his way out of a would-be bar fight whereas a ruthless knight (STR+CHR) will call for order or heads would roll.

    Basically, I'd like to see the game and its inhabitants react to what the PC is doing and how he or she does it. This is especially important to the available dialogue options and should be reflected in the character arcs of your companions.

    One last thing. Whatever you do, don't make the enemies, villains or main antagonist cheap or overly simplistic. Every game and movie that does that automatically degrades the main character as well. We need more fiction or stories that can convey grey tones, conflicted characters, ideas or themes which cause controversies. Like the road to redemption after having fallen to an all-time low or the question whether the means justify the ends or things you do for the 'Greater Good'. Maybe this time the 'villains' of the game are those that need to stop the PC from doing something harmful? For once? Eh? Eh? Ah well... I'm just happy if I have options on how goody-two-shoes I am. If you can't be evil than being good just for the sake of being nice isn't very rewarding. I'm sure you guys will understand when you're reading this. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Mass Effect Andromeda...

    Best regards,
    Bhaalspawn Kavain

    PS.: Dear David Gaider I'm a huge fan of the work you've done on BGII, KOTOR and DA:O. I especially enjoyed Sarevok's remorse. Thanks for all your effort. Keep up the amazing writing.

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