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[MOD] - Journal Fixes for BGEE, BG2EE and BGEE+SOD (v2.2+)



  • websterr33websterr33 Member Posts: 12
    Mr2150 wrote: »

    Firstly, I've made it much more reliable at finding entries (when working with strings in lua there are some special characters that cause problems when searching), and secondly in my new release (probably ~1 week away) instead of just 'journal updated' in the textflash popup that appears there will now be 4 different titles:

    1 - "Important Events", this is the primary or main storyline 'quest' that appears at the top of the quest log.
    2 - "Quest Updated", this is for side-quests or non-primary quests that appears in the quest log.
    3 - "Important Information", this is for standard journal entries that aren't tied directly to quests.
    4 - "Information", this is for textflashes that don't have an associated visible entry in the quest or journal.

    For me, this represents a truer reflection than just 'Journal Updated' which can be misleading. Clicking the popup takes you directly to the relevant section of the quest log/journal, but in the case of item (4) it adds the information presented as a user entry so that information is no longer 'lost'.

    Right-clicking the popup adds the information presented regardless of title (in case you want to save the text and add your own notes to it later).

    Are those fixes included in the latest version of Pecca's mod (2.42)? I'm using it and see the usual "Journal Updated" instead of the 4 different titles here.

  • HemingbaeHemingbae Member Posts: 19
    edited April 24
    This might be a longshot but would this work on DragonspearUI++ ? I'm having a few annoying issues with the journal in there.

    Edit : no, it doesn't.

    Post edited by Hemingbae on
  • YrielYriel Member Posts: 1
    So i know its prolly way to late to be asking this, but I have the steam bgeed 2 game and the journal mod installed in an override folder with no other mods and updated to newest version of game available on steam but my journal still doesnt update and with the mod i cant see quests unless i go back to chapter two all other quests that are active refuse to show up in act 3, also when i installed this mod my combat log now periodically brings itself all the way to the top and i have to bring it back down to see if a save was succesful or whatnot. any help??

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