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How to make Heart of Fury mode fun

Here's how: go through the game with a team of six level 30 basic druids who start with no equipment (aside from a quarterstaff) and aren't allowed to shapeshift or summon anything. The great part is that the main way they'll be beating enemies is with damaging spells! Most pure damage spells aren't that good in Heart of Fury mode due to how much health the enemies have, but most pure damage spells don't do 32d8 damage like Call Lightning and Static Charge do! It's so fun to tear high HP enemies to shreds with those spells. It would probably be best to start at Heart of Winter rather than the beginning of the normal game so the enemies will be higher level.

Currently I'm doing a similar playthrough, except with shapeshifters instead of regular druids. Then I realized that this party of six greater werewolves, all buffed with Iron Skins and Entropy Shield, was beating enemies too easily. That's why I think there shouldn't be any shapeshifting allowed. It's still fun, though.

Does anyone else have any ways of making Heart of Fury mode fun?


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