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Am i ready.....

LordinLordin Member Posts: 30
So i've been reading through the forums and one thing thats come up often is durlag's Tower and how hard it is. So i'm wondering if i'm ready for it yet.....
Here is my party
Dorn level 6
kagain level 5
montaron Level 3 level 5
Xzar level 4
Neera level 4
and Lordin (me) Fighter level 2 dualed to Necromancer (was mage used shadowkeeper to change to necromancer)
EDIT: Necromancer level 3

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  • GandalfPortraitGuyGandalfPortraitGuy Member Posts: 206
    No. In order to be tough enough for this ride you must be over "this" level 6. If everyone is at least level 5, the you have a fighting chance. Get Xzar and Neera to level 5.

  • LordinLordin Member Posts: 30

    No. In order to be tough enough for this ride you must be over "this" level 6. If everyone is at least level 5, the you have a fighting chance. Get Xzar and Neera to level 5.

    Ah ok

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,574
    Durlags is tough, but incredibly fun. Easily one of my favorite bonus dungeons in any game.

  • PK2748PK2748 Member Posts: 381
    Who has 100% find traps in that group?

  • LordinLordin Member Posts: 30
    PK2748 said:

    Who has 100% find traps in that group?

    monty has around 80%

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,574
    If you have potions of master thievery or a luck spell that should be enough.

  • JarrakulJarrakul Member Posts: 2,028
    Potions of Perception, actually. Master Thievery only increases Open Lock and Pick Pocket. A couple of wands of fire would probably help too. If you've got that, you should be able to do it, although it might be tricky in places.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 8,574
  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 388
    I usually save Durlag's for almost last - mostly just out of habit - it's a suitable place since there are some pretty tough fights associated with it.

  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 647
    Yeah, traps and locks are tricky in Durlag's. 80% in traps can get you by, with the advent of potions of perception (20% boost to find traps) which are found in the tower. However, IIRC there aren't that many in the game and they wear off, which can be problematic if you're forced to rest a lot. On the other hand, you're going to level up in there for sure, so you can get 100 in find traps pretty soon. There are a lot more potions of master thievery, which give a boost of 40% to open locks, so these are easier to deal with.

  • thespacethespace Member Posts: 1,039
    If you can take out the guards, then go for it ;)

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,401
    edited July 2016
    As @thespace said, I use the guards as a yardstick:
    Save game, travel to Durlag's, get trashed by guards, reload saved game.
    Or: As above but, beat the guards, do the upper levels, get trashed in the lower levels, make graceful retreat and come back later when stronger (and when I know what I need to survive).

  • FoxterFoxter Member Posts: 20
    edited July 2016
    I usually go to the tower after I cleaned all the available map locations and get all the avaialble potions and items (I do the main plot quest after i killed Aec'Letec). This way I have all the items/potions required to pretty much survive the tower. If I use a 4 members party (Me, Branwen, Imoen and Neera) by the time I finish the chess game, my party reaches the level cap.

    Never forget that the tower is extremely trapped, you should keep your thief looking for traps at all time.

    You can see here a list of hints for most of the tower areas.

    Troublesome locations

    Above the tower entry level:

    - Basilisk alley, better have protection from gaze spells active.

    - Durlag's elf friend ghost, annoying confusion spells.

    - Succubus, very fond of dire charm and energy drain and also going ethereal (invisible) and teleporting.

    -Below the tower entry level:

    First dungeon level :

    - 3 Greater Doppelgangers in the right-down room, better activate just one first as they hit hard, use haste and mirror image.

    - The warders, they have the tendency to pile up on one character and generate cloud kill close to their initial location.

    Second dungeon level, the enemies do like stinking cloud and cloud kill so zone of sweet air helps a lot.

    - Kiel helmet area, 3 Greater Doppelgangers that love stinking cloud, however two will stay in a cloud kill area so they might kill or weaken themselves. Use zone of sweet air near the Kiel helmet and wait for the cloud kill to end.

    -Secret area in the lower left area of the Kiel helmet hall, right after the room full of wyverns tail-chained to the walls.

    Islanne doppelganger will hit you with lightning if you allow it to do so, Durlag doppelganger hits hard and you miss most of your attacks agains him, Fuernebol is annoying with his bow. They also love to heal each other so you need to concentrate all attacks on one/maximum 2 enemies at a time.

    If you are lucky to kill the Durlag doppelganger before it shape shifts to another form you can get a full plate armor.

    -Kiel tomb, the dwarven guards need to be lured away one, maximum two at a time.

    -The area located after the room with the level 3 access rune stone, ghasts/greater ghouls love to surprise you coming out of nowhere.

    Third level:

    -Fireball launcher near the level entry, you need to time well your moving to the lower right passage.

    -Lots of greater ghouls if you rush thru the garden, take just one step at a time, also invisible enemies in certain grooves, cloud kill highly advised against them if available.

    -Room with wooden platforms with skeleton archers, one invisible thief to scout the area and look for traps followed by one out of sight fireball wizard.

    Room with Greater wyverns, cloud kill preemptive strikes and then concentrate fire on just one greater wyvern at a time. Use Magic Missile on it if possible Also, activate and kill the stone statues, you get experience for killing them and a Full plate mail as a bonus.

    Fire challenge, use wizard protection from fire for your party.

    Air challenge, the air elemental is fast and hits hard, take a small step inside in order to trigger just this enemy first.

    Slime challenge, protection from poison, fire and slow for the tank and let your wizard fireball away.

    Ice challenge, just send a ranged character with a freedom protection and the belt you recovered from Gorion body.

    Chess field

    No need to run outside your initial location, send fireball/explosive potions in front of the enemy pawn area or cloud kill if you prefer.

    The forth level:

    -The area with the well in the center, the closest to the level entry. Antidotes are advisable as these spiders are quite poisonous.

    -The rune carpet requires to be deactivated with the rune stone from the room closed to Islanne ghost.

    -The cave area has some locations where you get swarmed with Greater Ghouls and the protection from hold is required. Grael can also take a lot of beating before falling and hits hard and fast. Hold undead spells might come in handy.

    The Demon knight (DK) is probably the nastiest enemy from the game.

    After entering his room, you should use as many as possible cloud kill (spells and scrolls) to weaken him.

    Then buff your party with the exception of one character (not the hardest hitting one but also not the one with the lowest hit points). Give this one the Greenstone amulet and send him/her to talk with the Demon Knight (DK). Keep the rest of the characters away from the DK but ready to atack the DK from different directions.

    The DK will speak a bit and then start the battle with a dispel magic on your un-buffed character. After the dispel magic is done, activate the Greenstone amulet and hope that the party member has enough hit points to withstand one direct fireball.

    After the fireball, get away from the DK with the un-buffed character and converge on him with the combat ready party.

    Most of the the time the DK will attack with the sword, not use the second dispel magic or the fireball spell.

    Before the patch nerfed the Stupefier mace, you could get a few stunning hits on the DK that would transform him in a punching bag for the rest of the battle.

    As a side note:

    Aec'Letec is in fact easier to beat if you buff our party with Freedom potions, Protection from evil, Heroic potions and of course Mirror eyes potions.

    The only issue is that the Mirror eyes potions expire quite fast so it's best to paralyze him during the battle via a wand (silence does not affect wands) while you pulverize his partners switch bodies.

    Hope this hint list helps.

    Edited after I found out how to use the spoiler tag.

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  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Not sure he/she asked for or wanted a walkthrough type guide... They may have wanted to find out and overcome the various challenges themselves rather than being spoonfed solutions.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,362
    Slightly off-topic, Do you get necromancer bonus spells per level with the dual?

  • LordinLordin Member Posts: 30
    lunar said:

    Slightly off-topic, Do you get necromancer bonus spells per level with the dual?

    You mean getting 2? yes

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,245
    also, if you do not have a high enough "lock pick" skill you can always use the knock spell instead, any lock that a thief can pick, the knock spell will open it just the same without fail

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