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Where is the installation on Android??

AstafasAstafas Member Posts: 448
I've just installed BGEE on a new tablet (Nvidea Shield, running 5.1.1). The game installs just fine, but I can't find the installtion folder when connecting to a PC. A search on either beamdog or baldur gets no hits.

The same goes for my sons Android tablet (a Lenovo). I know where the installation used to be, but has anything changed?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,782
    Depends on your device name but along these lines
    This PC\Nexus 7\Internal storage\Android\OBB should show the game location
    This PC\Nexus 7\Internal storage\Android\data should show saves etc.

    Check your Android devices settings -> storage -> 3 dots in top left -> usb computer connection to make sure it is working as a media device and not a camera.

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