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Multiplayer issues - can host with windows, can't with mac :/

Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 31
Trying to multiplayer with the gf, BGEE.
She has Mac I have windows 7 laptop. All up to date etc, fresh installs on both (, no mods.

Would rather she hosts the game so she can be protagonist, having never played before it'd be great for her to experience the story. I've played a million times and would rather just take a back seat and let her make the calls etc.

Problem is whenever characters are selected and we've both selected 'ready', when she is the host and clicks 'start game', her game crashes to desktop. On my comp it then tells me session has been terminated.

More frustratingly, if we do it the other way around with me as the host, the game runs sweet as a nut, but there is no way to have her as the protagonist without using each other's computers, which is a bit of a crap solution.

Would be better if the game just worked.

Any thoughts people?

Also posted in multiplayer forum.

Thanks in advance x


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,829
    Does single player work on the Mac, it's possibly due to not being able to make a save.

    If that also fails, go to the documents folder and create the Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition folder manually, removing any existing version.
  • Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 31
    Single player indeed gave the same result - crash on launching game after char creation.

    I tried what you suggested and now the game launches on single player and I saved/loaded without problems.

    Not had a chance to try mplayer today but hopefully tomorrow.

    Thanks very much for your help =)
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