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Aec'letec is ruining my life, please help

So I've tried seriously everything on these forums and others and none of the strategies people post seem to work for me. I cast Protection from Petrification on everyone before the fight, they still die.

I cast Dispel Magic on people when they're hit with the gaze; nothing happens. I cast it maybe 4 more times until Imoen has no more spells left, and still nothing happens and my character dies.

Plus, Aec'letec doesn't seem to give a crap about any of the summoned monsters I throw at him to distract him and will always come straight at me while the skeletons take forever to frigging get in the fight.

The worst one is probably the random bug where after the first round, Neera just refuses to cast spells. It doesn't always happen, but I'll get this thing where she just won't do anything, despite NOT having a silence or ANY negative effect on her at all.

Not to mention, invariably in the first round he'll just ruin the entire thing with a single spell that of course goes off faster than any of my characters actions. Almost every time I try, everyone is running/frozen/stunned and Dispel Magic doesn't even work to free them, nor does Remove Fear. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? I'm seriously at wits end here. Please, please someone help me figure out this god awful fight...

(my party is a lvl 8 shield fighter, lvl 7 Dorn, Imoen (at thief 4, Mage 9), Viconia lvl 8, Neera lvl 9, and Yeslick at lvl 6)


  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 402
    edited July 2016
    Potions my friend. Portions.

    1. Potions of Heroism are widely available in the quest-line - most of the cult members drop them and they can be purchased in BG and at High Hedge I believe - gives you more HP and better THACO for wacking him with stuff.

    2. Potion of invulnerability - the +5 to saves on your warriors is a big deal for this fight.

    3. Protection from EVIL - gives an additional +2 to saves.

    4. Potion of mirrored eyes - protection from pretrification.

    Also having some castings of Vocalize and remove fear are highly advisable - you can cast a remove fear PRIOR to the fight to give yourself a bit of a boost. The second level mage spell that protects you from fear is also basically mandatory.

    That should more or less cover you against most of the worst stuff he can do - you could also use a protection from magic scroll here and there on your front-line fighters.

    Oils of speed or the haste spell are also very helpful.

    With buffed out fighters who are hasted, and have TONS of +saves buffs, you'll be in serious danger of killing him before you can manage to kill all of his buddies (which causes him to respawn). I've had to kill him twice before as a result - which got a LOT more scary because some of my buffs started wearing off.

    Dispell magic is indeed the way to go to cure his affliction. It won't always work.

    Bless + chant aren't so bad either :D Arrows of detonation are also pretty solid - or fireball (mainly for dealing with everybody around him).

    It should also be noted that he can only be harmed by magical weapons so if you're not using enchanted weapons against him you're doing nothing at all.

    Not sure what "bug" you're referring to never had a caster just refuse to cast spells unless they've had something forcing them not to - although casting spells on ol' Aec'letec isn't particularly useful since he has such high magic resistance (50%) so roughly 1/2 of all your spells won't do anything anyways - magic missile may still be useful since you'll be hitting him with tons of missiles by that point.

  • EriiasEriias Member Posts: 34
    I know of those spells/pots, except the protection from fear one. Never heard of that one; I must've missed it somehow.

    Just to be clear, are potions of Mirrored Eyes somehow better than the spell Protection from Petrification? I thought they were supposed to do the same thing.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,026
    Pro-tip: getting hit by Aec's death gaze isn't the end of the world. Arrows of Dispelling can get rid of the effect, and since you're held it's a guaranteed hit even from a low-dex 0 proficiency archer. Aec is also really, really slow and tends to stick to targets, so it's worthwhile to have a less useful party member kite him around the battlefield.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,350
    Not sure if you know, people, but wand of paralysis can actually stun him. Well, obviously not every single use, but yes, 1 on like 15-20 usages can actually stop the beast.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,455
    I leave the rest of my party upstairs and send in my buffed up, hasted tank to take out the four priestesses (or whatever they are) asap. Simply by running from one to another and getting in a couple of hits each time before moving on to the next one before Aec catches up with me I can avoid a lot of damage. Only when his four minions are gone do I start attacking Aec directly and once I've got his attention I can safely bring in the rest of the party.

  • thespacethespace Member Posts: 1,039
    I've killed him with 1 character my last 3 plays (an archer, a F/T and a stalker, my favs.):

    Hide, or in the case of taking the whole party, invisibility/stealth of some kind, and hasted. Go downstairs. Pass all the priests and go to the back corner of the room, furthurest from the stairs. Arm missiles, arrows of detonation being the best for this, and start sniping the priests. They will swarm towards you, making it easy to kill them all quickly w/arrows of detonation, potions of explosions &/or fireball wands. As soon as the leader gets in the picture she will initiate dialog, summoning the demon. As soon as the demon is in sight, have all characters being used drink potions of mirror eyes. With the priests out of the way so quick, the fight will be much simplified. Cheeky, but effective.

  • EriiasEriias Member Posts: 34
    My question with that strategy is: don't all those attacks hit your party too? I guess with enough potions as mentioned above you could survive it but it still seems really especially if they move towards you.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,141
    Has the behavior changed for the latest edition?

    If not, easiest way is to set off the downstairs summoning solo, run back up the stairs. The priestest follows, an easy kill for the whole party upstairs.
    Then send a good archer with "hide in shadows" plus invisibility potions down on their own to sneak around the walls killing all 6 cultists.

    Then, once there is only AL left, kill him however you want using potions of mirrored eyes for protection.
    Cloudkill does quite a lot of damage and you can cast it from out of view BTW.

  • EriiasEriias Member Posts: 34
    Huh, I'll try that next then. Last time I tried, they summoned and I ran and no one followed (much to my disappointment).

    Thanks a ton for the responses guys, I really appreciate it. It was really maddening beating my head against this fight. Please keep them coming if anyone has any more ideas, I'll post when I try again.

  • EriiasEriias Member Posts: 34
    I finally killed the damn thing. It was 'so' much easier with all those potions. Though I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed. Why was there no loot at all? Sure there was a fat bit of XP, but no reward AND no loot? There was only the one conversation option to say "we need no reward". My character thus far has been pretty selfish, and honestly, yeah I want a damn reward after all that crap. Spent some 40k gold on all those frigging potions...

  • yksimaltyksimalt Member Posts: 115

    I am no power-gamer, nor a very tactical person when it comes to fights (not really knowing which potions, buffs etc to use when) as I usually roleplay my way through the game.

    Aec'letec I manage to kill by sending down a mage who just drank an invisibility potion, putting him in the far right down corner, and from there he starts to use Wand of Fire.

    This draws the attention of all the followers and the crazy female summoner. Taking care of them with fire balls (using protection of fire for the mage) leaves Aec'letec alone.

    Then I summon lots of minions with my mage and cleric (wolves, skeletons and alike). When the room is full of those I enter with the rest of my party using ranged weapons and take the beast down.

    Takes me a few times though, but works pretty well in the end.

    And yes, I also miss some kind of loot for the trouble... ;)


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,651
    you want to win flawless victory no cheating? here is how you do it:

    you need 3 melee guys: and they need to drink each:

    potion of cloud giant strength ( found at sorcerers sundries)

    potion of invulnerability x2 ( 3 found at sorcerers sundries and 3 found else where - silke, nashkiel fair, cloakwood forest x2, cloak wood mine, Baldur's gate the city area north of the area you walk in, in a shop)

    potion of heroism ( found on many of the cultist chums)

    oil of speed ( which can be found at sorcerers sundries, I like this potion more than that the spell since it has a longer duration)

    potion of fortitude if your guys don't have 18 con ( there is 2 in the bandit camp, and possibley sorcerers sundries/thalantyr might have them)

    and have protection from evil 10' radius cast on your melee chums

    and just for the extra kick in the pants ( although optional) is potion of magic resistance (x2)
    not necessary but it could help wonders ( again the wizards might sell them, and then there are the few random locations they're in)

    so you get all your tanks, tanked up with all these pretty potions, and then you only bring these 3 downstairs with 2 potions of invulnerability each ( and with proper management of saving throw items between your 3 melee guys) your save vs spell/death should be 1 or lower, this makes it so no matter what whacky special attack silliness the demon homes tries on ya, it will fail

    now the first objective is to kill all the cult members downstairs as fast as possible, because everytime you kill the demon, he will just take up one of their bodies, and also you need to kill them quickly because the demon will cast vampiric touch a lot, so no screwin around, but if you have those magic resistance potions up, then that will help you defend against the vampiric touch ( although every time I kill him I never use those potions)

    after you have killed the cultists as soon as possible, just start whacking our demon bud, and he will fall like a sack of hammers and the battle is won

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,620
    Will Improved Invisibility work?

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,651
    Raduziel said:

    Will Improved Invisibility work?

    it will help, but remember, improved invisibility has a relatively short duration, so use that time wisely

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,620
    So does the Potion of Mirrored Eyes.

    And seens to me a better way to avoid the gaze attack.

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