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Hello & something more...

ChaosRiderChaosRider Member Posts: 26
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Hi hello everyone!

Something more:

1. Are you (devs of BG game) considering adding stuff like:
- more characters races (Drow / Duergar / Half Dragon (with option to change in to dragon :D) / Half Ogre (or even Giant!) / Goblin / Kobold / Out of prime sphere races like Azer (, Tieflings (or half demons) / Aasimar (or half angels)
and much more:

- more classes (

- more items

- item editor to make easier creating mods with new items for bg (best of them - most balanced in your opinion could be added to maintain BGEE or BG2EE)?

- more weapon types (like kukri/ 2h hammer / 2h flail / 2h axe / double sword (lock shield / more attacks) / double axe / double flail (this could be crazy lol) :D )

2. Still looking for players for multiplayer game :P.


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