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Schedule for reached milestones (The Road to v2.0)

SikorskySikorsky Member Posts: 401
April 1st I asked:
So after SoD is relesed and the excitement wore off, I want to aske when we can expect the rewards for the milestones that had been reached.

Dee answered:
We'll be spending the next several days working out a schedule. Personally I'm very excited for the things you've all unlocked.

...................several (124) days later................

Today is August 12st. When can we expect at this schedule. It's been 4 months. And what about The Familiar? Can someone officialy tell what's up with it?
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  • Mr2150Mr2150 Member Posts: 1,170
    The road-tested badge may be due to the need for a different log in on Redmine... how to tie the log in there with the log in here?
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The badge is actually waiting on a tool to distribute it to everyone who qualified for it during the event. We have a list of everyone who should be getting it, we just need to set it up.

    And yes, the wallpapers are up. What we're waiting on now are:
    - Selfie Portraits
    - Pregen Character
    - Giveaways
    - The AMA*

    * The AMA may end up not being what was described during the event, due to available time and resources. That's one of the things that still needs to be sorted out; the rest of them, I think, are just about ready.
  • SikorskySikorsky Member Posts: 401
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    Might it be an idea to make a general topic in the news-forum where you can make a list of what you're working on? Nothing fancy, just a basic rundown of what you're trying to tackle with a small sentence on the status.

    I agree on that.

  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 221
    I too would appreciate having some sort of proper and official update, I mean I would assume that in-house Beamdog has some idea what percentage of things they have completed, so use that to release some sort of update as to how things are coming along.
  • BafflecatBafflecat Member Posts: 3
    I'm so hyped for the rewards. I wonder when they'll send out the emails to the chosen faces of the new portraits? I've been checking my email obsessively in the slim hope that I might (finally) get a chance to be Baldurised!

    Thanks for the update Dee.
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