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Help Wanted - How to make a series of quest rewards and item upgrades (BG1)

WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 921
edited September 2016 in BG:EE Mods
Hello I am wondering how to add item upgrades (akin to the Cormwell Forge feature in Baldur's Gate II) for three temples and one quest within the Original Baldur's Gate.

Although I have the completed the planning process / quest progress paths and I have already created the upgraded items although I do not overly know how to create the dialog additions for a WeiDU mod package.

The plan is to have Three Temples representing Good, Neutral and Evil for player character item upgrades.

Good player character's - Temple of Lathander in Beregost
Neutral player character's - Temple of Helm in Nashkel
Evil player character's - Temple of Umberlee in Baldur's Gate

The player can only have access to the temple that is of their alignment. For example a Good player character's party cannot commission the services of say the Temple of Helm to upgraded an item (for the 'blessed armours' become Alignment Restricted to be only usable by either Good or Neutral or Evil).

Also the player character must win over the favour of the respective temple suited towards their alignment. I have planned for this to be accomplished after the player party has completed one of the following quests in their respective temple deity's favour. Think of the respective prerequisite temple quest as a means to 'unlock' a temple's item upgrade service for a specific player character alignment. One must be within a god's favour in order to receive their blessing(s).

Good: - Return Bassilus's Holy Symbol to Kelddath Ormlyr (~High Priest of Lathander in the Beregost Temple)
Neutral: - Return Captain Brage alive to Nalin (~High Priest of Helm in the Nashkel Temple)
Evil: - Side with Tenya and compete the Bowl of Water Elemental Control quest.*

*Tenya the young Priestess of Umberlee living at the sole house east of the Wyrm's Crossing (Baldur's Gate Bridge) will offer an Evil party one free item upgrade 'blessing' after you have completed her quest in Umberlee's favour (kill the fisherman). Although the single blessing offered by Tenya is indeed free of a commission fee, yet any extra component items required for an item upgrade must still be provided by from the player's party.

Also here are the respective temple high priests and priestess that will offer the player's party the item upgrades:

Good: - Kelddath Ormlyr (Most Radiant of Lanthander in the Beregost Temple)
Neutral: - Nalin (Helmite leader in the Nashkel Temple. Needs an update of True Neutral and 12 Strength)
Evil: - Jalantha Mistmyr (Lead Storm Priestess in the Temple of Umberlee in Baldur's Gate) and for the first time by Tenya.

For more fine details on this 'Tempting Temple' project I have written an article of it over at my Wordpress web log:


I am looking for some help in using WeiDU to build this 'Tempting Temples' module.

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