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Math Behind Multiple Haste and Fatigue Stacking

So apparently, casting Haste Multiple Times and getting stacking fatigue penalties is not a defect but a feature. So, I usually end up casting 3-6 Hastes on my party before resting. How much luck penalty does this add up to and what penalties am I getting? Is there a table or formula to help me understand?



  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 789
    AFAIK you should just consider that you will inflict minimum damage rolls 100% of the time and take maximum damage from others 100%

  • TalarashaTalarasha Member Posts: 62
    edited October 2016
    I believe you could use this post as a reference. In simple words, with fatigue your luck decreased, and each negative luck point is a penalty to your combat rolls.
    You gain one fatigue point for every 4 hours of a game time (there is though bonuses/penalties from your constitution score), and one negative point to luck for each fatigue point above 6.
    As for the haste, here is a useful info - apparently in EE one haste cast counts as four fatigue points, so after 2 casts you are with 8 fatigue score and -2 luck penalty to your rolls (1d4 instead of 1d6, 1d18 instead of 1d20 and so on).

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,515
    It's actually slightly worse. Each damage roll is shifted down. Thus, a 1d6 will become 1d6-2 with a minimum of 1. That's an average of 2, compared to 3.5 for a 1d6 or 2.5 for a 1d4.

    Luck also applies to attack rolls. Before EE, this would prevent critical hits and increase the chance of critical misses, but after EE, I believe it just works like a THAC0 penalty.

    Finally, it increases enemy spell damage on your characters. For example, if you have -5 luck, you'll always take maximum damage from Fireball spells (1d6), and near-maximum damage from Horrid Wilting (1d8).

    The Luck spell affects saving throws and thieving skills, but luck itself does not. This means fatigue will impose no penalty to your saving throws or your thief skills.

    Luck only affects your weapon damage and incoming spell damage. It does not affect the enemy's weapon damage or the spell damage you do to Fireball.

    Example: Character 1 has -4 luck from fatigue. Character 2 has no luck penalty. Both of them hit each other with daggers and then cast Magic Missile on each other. Character 1's dagger will deal minimum damage; Character 2's dagger will deal normal damage; Character 1's Magic Missile will deal normal damage; and Character 2's Magic Missile will deal maximum damage.

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