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Quayle has called for Aerie - bug?

So a messenger came to tell Aerie that Quayle wants to talk to her.

I got the following journal quest - Quayle has called for Aerie

My journal says "After receiving a message from Quayle asking for our help, Aerie has asked that we go and see him in the promenade circus tent as soon as possible."

I pretty much went immediately to Quayle. I can't remember but I may have rested for 16 hours first to get back hp. I was right outside the Copper Coronet when the messenger came. I think I went in to the Copper Coronet, rested/healed, and then went to the Circus. However, when I go to talk to Quayle, my only options are to ask him about The Cowled Wizards or the Shadow Thieves. I tried to have Aerie talk to him but all he says is "It is good to see you again my dear. It does these old bones good to see you out of this circus and seeing the world. I knew I couldn't keep you here forever."

I really doubt it's a time delay thing as I'm to go see him "as soon as possible." So I'm assuming my game has been bugged somehow. What can I do to fix it?


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 6,617
    I think for the script to trigger you have to move Aerie within Quayle's line of sight and they should talk then.

  • PeldinPeldin Member Posts: 46
    I had her initiate dialogue with him and still got nothing :(

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Perhaps the trigger for Quayle's script is disrupted by having someone speak to him before the script kicks in. Try waiting for a couple of seconds, with Aerie in Quayle's line-of-sight, before anyone tries speaking to Quayle. If that still doesn't work, then ... um ... yep, you've got a glitch.

    Fortunately, Quayle's message (even when it does work) is merely directing you to talk to a certain quest-giver elsewhere. The quest-giver will still give you the quest even if you haven't talked to Quayle first, so the conversation with Quayle doesn't actually matter very much.

  • NoonNoon Member Posts: 174
    Maybe Peldin already completed the related quest without having Aerie in the party at that time.

  • PeldinPeldin Member Posts: 46
    I've had Aerie in the party ever since I went to the circus. Would one of you mind giving me the name/location of the next quest giver? Perhaps I can just bypass talking to Quayle and continue to keep questing. I'd hate to miss out on a quest just because of a bug/glitch.

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Peldin said:

    I've had Aerie in the party ever since I went to the circus. Would one of you mind giving me the name/location of the next quest giver? Perhaps I can just bypass talking to Quayle and continue to keep questing. I'd hate to miss out on a quest just because of a bug/glitch.

    Okay, since you specifically request the spoiler:
    Quayle asks you to speak to his old friend Raelis Shai in the basement of the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge district.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 1,794
    If ypu don't talk to Quale at once and leave it for some days, Aerie will remind you about it.

    That could still happen I would think?
    So that may trigger Quale to speak to you, although you now know what he says and can do the quest.

  • PeldinPeldin Member Posts: 46
    Thank you Gallowglass. I don't mind getting a spoiler since there's no other way I could know what to do from here, unless I get prompted to go there again (like UnderstandMouseMagic suggests).

    I'll wait a few days and see if Aerie reminds me. Thanks for that little tip!

  • JCDentonJCDenton Member Posts: 24
    I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I just got the exactly same glitch as Peldin.

    Got the messenger from Quayle, but first went to see Cromwell to get new armour made. After that I went straight to see Quayle, but when I got there, there is no dialogue between him and Aerie. Just the same old questions about Cowled Wizards and Shadow Thieves.

    I replayed both vanilla BG2 and the EE several times, but never had this bug before. Thou this is the first time I'm playing v2.3, so perhaps something in the 2.3 patch caused this?

  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 353
    Never had this problem myself, but Infinity Engine is finicky about it's scripts and global variables.
    Sometimes.. they just don't trigger right for no good reason.

    I have a couple of suggestions:
    1. Roll back to a previous save now, if this matters to you.. and save yourself the trouble.

    2. Wait until Aerie reminds you of visiting Quayle, do one or two Strongholds and you should have taken more than long enough for this to trigger and see if this helps triggering the dialogue from Quayle.
    Clue: If this reminder does not trigger, see point 1 - something is irreparably broken.
    (By irreparably, i mean that even if you could fix this, it would be by using console and ee keeper to find and fix globals, quest strings and what have you.. not worth it imo)

    3. Keep calm and carry on, be prepared to lose Aerie and break a potential romance.. or with some luck, nothing comes of this and the entire string of events never progress beyond this point.
    (You can do the Haer'Dalis quests regardless)

  • JCDentonJCDenton Member Posts: 24
    I tried reloading a previous save, but apparently the script glitch happened the moment Aerie talked with Quayle's messenger and all my saves are after that (I tend to quicksave a lot :smile: ). I do have the save from the beginning of the Chapter, but that's been more than 10 hours of gameplay since.

    I also did some Googling and found an old forum, where somebody had the exact same bug as me and Peldin, while playing the old version of BG2, so apparently this bug has been around since the very early days of vanilla BG2, but it's extremely rare.

    Which is probably why neither Bioware nor Beamdog ever fixed it. One of the old unofficial patches from modders actually fixes it, but it's not compatible with the EE.

    Well, I'll keep playing and hopefully it won't make me loose Aerie. I'm not romancing her, so no idea if it causes problems with the romance.

    Still funny thing thou. I've been playing this game since it was first released and I'm still finding new bugs with each of my playthroughs :smiley:

  • PaulGreystokePaulGreystoke Member Posts: 63
    This won't make you lose Aerie. This is really just a vector quest, intended to point players to a questline that they might not stumble across on their own. While Aerie will remind you about this quest, she won't ever actually leave if you don't follow through on it.

    As Gallowglass noted above, talking to Quayle points you to
    Raelis Shai in the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District. This serves as a pointer to
    a quest to rescue Ha'er'Dalis, which leads into
    the Planar Prison quest.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 5,239
    The Infinity Engine is such a delightful pandora's box of bugs. My personal favorite is the chance for the Genie in Chateu Irenicus to not spawn when clicking the lamp. I've played BG2 since launch and have encountered it once. In the time few years I've been on this forum, I've seen someone else encounter it once, and thats it. The really odd thing is that its not reproduceable, but once it happens, it happens everytime on that run, you can't simply reload and retry it.

  • JCDentonJCDenton Member Posts: 24
    I can now confirm that Aerie indeed never leaves you during the whole game despite the quest being bugged. She will remind you to visit Quayle, but after you actually start the Rescue Haer'Dalis quest, she never brings visiting Quayle up again. But you'll have an unfinished quest in your Journal the whole game, which just doesn't look nice aesthetically B)

  • Devouring_DescentDevouring_Descent Member Posts: 1
    I know this is an old thread an all, but I had exactly the same problem and finally managed to solve it.
    Tried to download some fixes but they didn't work, so finally I installed EE Keeper. Run it and load any of your saves involving Aerie in your party, then edit the "Local Variables" tab, specifically the "QUAYLEMESSENGERSPAWN" and "QUAYLEMESSENGER". Set them both to 0 value.
    Once you load that game, the messenger will spawn again, thus restarting the quest. It worked for me the second time.

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