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Bard Stronghold bug doesn't allow me to continue

EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 498
edited November 2016 in Troubleshooting
Hey everyone,

I'm currently experiencing an issue with the bard stronghold questline. I've recently defeated the turmish barbarians and now the costume fitting should start. Now, when I talk to Higgold about it, after the dialogue, he teleports me not downstairs to the actual theater area, but to just to another spot in the main room of the five flaggons inn. Nothing happens (propably since the characters needed for the costume fitting scene aren't here), and I have to exit the game and reload.

I'm already pretty sure I know why this is happening: After defeating the barbarians and talking to Higgold again, he started walking away to leave the inn. However, he didn't leave - he walked into a wall and wouldn't move any further. I hoped he would just disappear by himself, but he didn't, so I rested - finally, he was gone, but the fact that he never actually left the inn seems to have impacted his script (the spot were he teleports me to is the spot he was stuck before I rested).

I wonder if there's a way to fix this via the console or otherwise, because the last save I could load before the barbarian encounter (which propably started this whole mess) would cost me several hours of gametime. Maybe it's somehow possible to spawn an unbugged version of Higgold who could take me to the theater where I should be going, but I don't know the console command I would have to use. Maybe some people have other ideas.

I should also mention that this is not in a BG2:EE game, but in the old BG2:SoA (mods installed only include the BG2 Fixpack, BGT and SCS).



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