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iwd mage fight: no dialog means no fight

magaritymagarity Member Posts: 49
I laid some traps at the entrance to the bar in Lonelywood in anticipation of the mage headhunters. Alas, after the initial dialog the first two are killed instantly and four more gate in. Then they just stand there waiting for dialog. How can I recover from everyone just standing around?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    It's a bit of a guess without a save but your options are probably
    • Reload to an earlier point. Remove the traps if present by turning a summon hostile.
    • Ignore them
    • Force attack them. The quest point (Kieran protected) is likely to have already been set.
    • Summon in the two leaders and talk to them again. May not work.
    Pause the game, and enter the two console commands below

    Alphaeus starts off elsewhere but should teleport to his correct point, he may arrive on foot if left long enough which could make the cutscene look a little strange but should work regardless.

    If you summon them, you can use Ctrl/Y to kill them without gaining further XP

  • magaritymagarity Member Posts: 49
    Gate70 said:

    If you summon them, you can use Ctrl/Y to kill them without gaining further XP

    I don't think console commands work on Android. Alas, I only have it on my phone.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    OK, you can either try force killing them or zip and attach a save here via an app such as ES File Manager. Location will be Home -> Android -> Data -> com.beamdog.icewinddale

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