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BG2EE Steam Crash

So I just reinstalled BG2EE to play through it again, been a couple years since my last playthrough. There are a bunch of errors that happen though.

I'm able to get up to picking the rule set to use for the game, but when I click to start the game I get a crash dump. (3 included that happened while trying to fix myself)

The mouse doesn't show on the menu (I have used every combinations within the options - graphics menu to try and resolve this, no change).

When I'm going through importing/creating a character, when I get to picking the appearance there is no model displayed. I can move my color choices anywhere but nothing shows up or changes in the preview box. It just stays as a blank black square.

Windows 7 Professional - 64bit
Intel i5-2500k CPU
Radeon HD 7850 (Most recent drivers installed)
8 gig Ram

No Mods, base steam install of BG2EE v2.3.67.3

First time posting/using this forum so apologies if this isn't the proper area.


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