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Quest Timers

lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,063



Coran------------------ ?10 days------- kill wyvern in the wyvern cave
Kivan (joined in Chapter 1)- 20 days--------Trigger Chapter 4
Kivan (joined in Chapter 2)- 14 days
Kivan (joined in Chapter 3)- 3 days
Kagain ----------------- ? days--------- Travel to the map south from Friendly Arms Inn
Minsc, Edwin------------ ?10 days------- talking to Dyanaheir first time
Safana------------------?10 days------- open the container in the golem cave
Khalid/Jaheira----------- 10 days?--------talk to Berrun Ghastkill?
Xzar/Montaron---------- 10 days?--------talk to Berrun Ghastkill?
Eldoth------------------24 hours------- (after entering BG NW) meet with Sky

Lothander and Marek-----10 days---------talk with Marek on Blushing Mermaid second floor
Tremain's Son
returning from Balduran island




Anomen is Summoned Home
Cernd is a Father!
Edwin and the Nether Scroll
Jaheira Gets Cursed
Jan Jansen Returns Home
Keldorn Returns Home
Korgan and the Book of Kaza
Mazzy's Sister is Poisoned


Drow city:
meet Soulafein----------12 hours----meet Soulafein :)
rescue Phaere-----------3 days?
meet Phaere (entrance)---48 hours----meet Phaere :o
Quilue's brain-----------?
Beholder killing--------- ?
meet Phaere (tavern)----- 3 days
Svirfneblin patrol-------- ?
meet Phaere (FF's society)-1 hour
kill Soulafein------------?
meet with the Matron M.--?
Fetch noble blood------- ?
Deirax's Tower----------?
Ghaunadaur Cult-------- ?
meet Phaere (FF's society)-1 hour
Eggs everywhere!--------?
City escape-------------?

Paladin Stronghold
Ranger Stronghold

Harper house (if you've got Jaheira in the group)
Nalia's funeral

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