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[mod] FindIt - IWD: an item pack for IWD EE

LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
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FindIt-IWD is an item pack for Icewind Dale EE. After playing IWD for yet another time, I realized I would like to see something new, some items perhaps. The mod was made for me, my friend and our multi-player run, but after a year I decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to publish the mod for those who would also like to give IWD EE another run, but are worried that they will end up with using exactly the same set of items.
You'll find the items in many different places - carried by certain creatures, sold by merchants or left in specific containers. I never made a list of what may be found where and to be honest, after a year I myself forgot where they may be found. That may be even better. You'll need to look for those items, check places, talk to merchants.
Hope you'll enjoy them.
Number of items: ~30


Just like any other WeiDU mod - unzip it to your main IWD EE directory and run Setup-FindIt-IWD.exe and then follow the instruction.


Mod author: Lava Del'Vortel
Proofreader: Typo Tilly
Some items were requested by Soul.
Some of the bams are based on graphics by BeamDog.
Thanks to everyone who decided to give this mod a try! I hope you'll enjoy using them!

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  • inethineth Member Posts: 703
    edited February 2017
    Are they items from the Baldur's Gate games (and thus overlap with the "Jiedra and Doluv Bonus Merchants " component of House Rules), or completely new items designed by you?

    In either case, thanks for making this available to all of us... There are still far too few IWD mods that add new content!
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    Brand new items designed by me. I thought it would be nice to for example add an armour bard could use, or add some new interesting weapons. I hope they are well balanced, but I guess you need to check that yourself :)

    Well, you may find some similar items in my other mods - like there is a book that allow you to summon helpers you do not exactly control (the book was in my Verr'Sza, BUT it was a bit weaker there). And so on, and so on.

    I hope to write something else for IWD EE, something bigger, but huh - that takes time.
  • DawgliciousDawglicious Member Posts: 221
    Finding a bunch of cool new items has been pretty awesome! A few things I have noticed so far:

    The temple in Kuldahar sells 2 of each of the rings that I assume your mod adds.
    Of these rings, the Signet Ring, which gives 3 pips in Mace, appears to be unable to override an npcs natural pips; for example, Dusky had one pip with mace, put on the ring, stayed at 1, while another character with NO pips was granted the proper 3.
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    Have fun with them! And... well, I am not sure why that ring works that way... I suppose it's magic decided to grand knowledge only to those who have no real experience with maces :P
  • JayGravyJayGravy Member Posts: 2
    Hi I have a question, you have done BOTH the things I am looking to do.

    1) I am looking for a way to create my own custom magic items

    2) I am looking to create and add my own custom stores

    3) how could I place these Items in the game on a map?

    Two questions - What system/program did you use to make them (nearinfinity,Dtclep,IE) ,etc

    I use to make weapons for the BG, IWD disk version using some pretty good old weapon mod and dropping it into the override folder. But I dont remember the old program . It just made weapons, and was straigt forward.

    Any ideas? Answers?
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    I am using DLTCEP for items. Most opcodes (item features) are described in there so it's easy to "compose" the item you have in mind. If those information are not enough, you can always support yourself with list of opcodes featured in IESDP.
    You use the same program to create stores. The easiest way is to create existing .sto file with DLTCEP and just replace some items with new ones.

    I have no idea how to create a ground item, if that's what you mean by "placing items on a map". If I were to make that happen, I would create an invisible creature, I would create it with a script and tell it (with this script) to drop it on the ground.

    I think you should take a look at some mods that add shops and check how those people do it. This mod here shows how to deal with new items and how to add items to specific shops, creatures and cointainers. For creating shops you may need to look somewhere else. I created one in Will of the Wisp BG2 mod, but the mod may be too big to learn from it.

    Use this part of the forums, check if there is a thread on making items and stores. If not, create one. There are many modders who may help you.
  • JayGravyJayGravy Member Posts: 2
    Wow thanks for answering. Yep, points me in the right direction. IWD needs some new stuff!
  • Saigon1983Saigon1983 Member Posts: 157
    edited February 2019
    @LavaDelVortel, hi! I want to translate this mod to russian, but there are not any tra files... How could I do it, then? oO
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    Hi! The mod wasn't yet traified. Not sure if I can do it now as I have very little time and some bugs to fix in other mods... if someone can traify the mod, I can merge it into one package, but if no one has time, this may need to wait for a moment. I will remember to tag you once the package is ready :) hopefully soon! Thank you!
  • Saigon1983Saigon1983 Member Posts: 157
    Ok! Tag me then
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    Thank you! The new version is up:
    -Fixed few typos in item descriptions
    -Fixed number of items added to the stores
    -Added Russian Translation by Saigon1983

    Spcecial thanks to @Saigon1983 for the translation and traification!
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 773
    About to try this out very much lookIng forward to breathing a bit more variety into IWD. I am thinking of running a druid this run and their weapon picks are normally pretty terrible, does anyone know if this has any good druid weapons? Many thanks
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    @ilduderino - If you mean weapons that druids may use in general, then yes. There are Lord Toadeus (you will understand once you find the item), a club that is quite simple but will provide some melee power for your druid, 2 scimitars. There are also many trinkets (rings, amulets) that everyone may use. Oh, and some leather armors, too, so maybe something your druid can proudly wear and not freeze to death.
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 773
    That’s excellent news, many thanks for letting me know!
  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,437
    edited April 2020
    Many, many thanks for these items - espicially the loveable toad!
    He makes Turald's dry wit even more acidic, if you know what I mean ;)

    Due top various bugs and crashes I'm on my third time through the first part of IWDEE with this mod. My memory is appalling, and I can't remember - wher do I actually find the aristocratic, green croaker known as Lord Todeus?
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    Thanks you! I just updated the mod and renamed it to FindIt-IWD to make the name reflect the content way better.
    Lord may be found in the Eye, on the same level as Albion. I think the yuan-ti summoner has him, IIRC.

    The new version also changes one of the location of one item.
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,602
    New version is up! Version 2.2 includes better descriptions and a French translation by Deratiseur.
  • ShinsFortressShinsFortress Member Posts: 4
    Good mod. Most importantly it works on latest version of IWD:EE. I would like more like this.

    Sad to see most of the other mods either don't work with latest IWD or have broken links....
  • inethineth Member Posts: 703
    edited August 6
    Sad to see most of the other mods either don't work with latest IWD
    The only mod I know of that worked with older versions of IWD:EE but not with the latest version, is Sarevok's Mega Mod.
    What others are there?
    or have broken links....
    They're probably still available. For example:
    • Lava Del'Vortel moved all his mods from SHS to his own website, Weasel Mods, years ago.
    • Spellhold Studios (SHS) went offline this year, but their mods are still available on Github.
    If there are other mods you can't find working links to, just ask for help on this forum.
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