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Minsc won't stay hidden

Any version of stealth I try to put on Minsc currently does not keep him hidden. He blinks to transparent for a second, then resolidifies for NPCs to see. I've tried taking of his armor and using ranger stealth, casting Invisibility on him, casting Greater Invisibility on him, and casting Invisbility, 10' Radius on the party. Every time, he looks invisible for half a second and then blinks back into reality.

Game version

Windows 10 Home version

[Windows] [Steam] Minsc won't stay hidden
1. Load save
2. Drink Potion of Invisibility
3. Have Dynaheir cast Invisibility on Minsc
4. Have Dynaheir cast Improved Invisibility on Minsc
5. Have Neera cast Invisibility, 10' radius on party with Minsc next to her.
6. Click Stealth button with Minsc selected

Minsc immediately reappears each time after 2-6.

Minsc goes invisible and stays that way until attacking or opening a door or something

AI is currently turned off.


  • OrphidiusOrphidius Member Posts: 5
    If there's a flag I can flip in EEkeeper or a console command, I'd dig that.

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,137
    edited February 2017
    Minsc has a lingering effect from the Unsleeping Guardian's "Chill Ray" spell that is preventing him from staying invisible.
    Removing it fixes the problem. You can either "Ctrl+R" on him to remove it, or you can remove just the "Damage" (Opcode=12) effect on him in EEKeeper.

    I'm curious if you remember anything special about how he got that effect, as I cannot reproduce it with the Chill Ray spell.

  • OrphidiusOrphidius Member Posts: 5
    That's the guy in the Hidden Cellar? I had my AI turned off for that fight, the CHARNAME as a cleric/thief turning undead, and Minsc chopping everybody down. They might have been in the middle of doing something with Chill Ray when they got turned? That's the only thing I can think of. Also, thank you!

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