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[MOD] CGUI - cosmetic ui mod for BG2EE

frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
Hi everyone.

I liked BG2EE gui, but I prefer black-on-white fonts, so I have made some cosmetic changes to UI. This is a preview.

Dialogue box and side-panels

postimage postimage


postimage postimage

Character Record

postimage postimage

And this is mod' page - Contagion GUI (GUI mod for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition) //, there you can find a link to download, and further useful information about compability and manual installing.

NOTE: Any advises and suggestion - how to modify Dialogue Box appreciated, because I am stucked.

P.S. The mod has been made, basically only for myself, so probably a "bugs" can take a place.


  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
    I have forgot to mention @lefreut from this forum in my readme, this user helped me by exposing a Message Box background file, but I will fix it in the future :) .
  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
    I have bought a SoD, well I have spent a cash that can feed me for a few month :(, but I hve bought SoD, anywa...

    So I have released a new version of Contagion GUI Mod for SoD too. The Core Improvements in version 0.2beta is next:

    --- Added support for a BG:EE +DLC "Siege of Dragonspear", tested on version or something like that.

    --- Added a "mini" versions that contain no modification to dialogue box (the modification to which is on active developments stage)

    --- Added data host in the GitHub, thanx to the all gods of the machine *laying on hands*, for now 4shared is only the mirror.

    The main goals of the mod has been not changed - to obtain the old-school "black-on-white" font style in the game, that will not harm eyes so hard and contrast "white-on-black". Well, perhaps I have reach too far in this case, anyway, as for myself my mod is comfort.
    This is previews for the version for SoD.

    Dialogue box

    postimage postimage


    postimage postimage

    Character record

    postimage postimage

    Download links for the all releases in the GitHub: Contagion GUI mod, releases

    NOTE: Click on "Source Code", or "Clone Download" a master branch if you have a normal internet connection, (not like my own..) Do not forgot, if somebody will try this mode, you need to place in the directory where Chitin.key (usually the root directory of the game), three objects - directory ContagionGuiMod or ContagionGuiModmini, *.exe file, and *.tp2 file, like a standard WeuDU-based stuff installation. But not a directory "Hello_World" :) . I will fix it in the future, if I will realize how :) .

    P.S. Sorry for triple post, I see no "edit" stuff in my browser right now (Tor Bundle Browser).
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,300
    edited February 2017
    Sorry to say that, but some parts are extreemly difficult to read. That's mostly why I wouldn't install the mod. White(ish) dialogue window with bright lines looks bad and it's inconvenient to use. The inventory parchment in the 1st post is also really inconvenient and it's hard to read anything on that pattern. In SoD inventory the parchment had some strange shade and this bright blue - it's just too bright.

    Sorry, I really do not want to sound discouraging, but I think you're going in the wrong direction with some changes. Character sheet (SoD not BG2) look much better than other screens. It's easy to read and clear.
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  • frostyshfrostysh Member Posts: 55
    Nah,, thank you :). I will think about changes the brightness and stuff. I have yet not realized how to mod dialogue box fonts, that because I have added a "mini" versions, without any changes to dialogue stuff. Basically I think the "INVENTOR" mosaics for both games are fine :P .
    The bright blue stuff is usually covered by a main stats menu, it is appeared only if you are grabbing the item - but perhaps I have too low contrast monitor :D, so for myself it is ok :) . Well, perhaps I need to make some changes there.
    I will test further my mod, when I will start the SoD game on LoB and perhaps + SCS. But for now I think ma snow :) is do job that it has been created for - it's changing "white-on-black" to old school "black-on-white" stuff :P .
  • MilesTegMilesTeg Member Posts: 12
    link to working preview pics:

    for anyone else who's interested :)
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