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My mods collection for BG1EE

MercilecMercilec Member Posts: 55
edited February 2017 in BG:EE Mods
Hello again!
So after i opened this thread i decided to sit down and check every existing BG1EE mod (hopefully every) to have overall a better understanding on how things work (i think its a traumatic experience : D ).
Once again thank you all guys for the replies on that thread.
Now im going to give you the lists with my mods.

---PRIMARY mods--- (must mods)

Continue Playing After Defeating Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Sword of Stratgems


Wand Case

XP cap remover

(Please tell me if any of this mods is not needed or it exists in big mod pack/tweaks pack)



Barbs Club of Pain

Convinient Ammunition 2

Critter Parts

Deidre and Joluv in BGEE

Disable Enhanced Edition NPCs

Distinguishable Clubs

EE items available in shops


Lighting adjustments

Mini Quests & Encounters

Pale Master

Psionics Unleashed

Saradas Magic

TeamBG's Armor Pack

TeamBG's Weapon Pack

T'was a Slow Boat from Kara-Tur

Lost Druid

Duskblade Kit

Dark Horizons

Eldritch Magic


The Stone of Askavar


(Please let me know if any of these mods has compatibility issues with each other or the PRIMARY mods.
Also if any of this mods is not needed or it exists in big mod pack/tweaks pack)



BGII Tweak Pack

Curses Item Revision

Dark Side of the Sword Coast

Difficulty and Tweak

Kit Revisions

Might & Guile

Monastic Orders of Faerun

Monk Overhaul

More Style for Mages Ranged Staffs, Circlets, Robe Tweaks, Familiar Tweaks

Rogue Rebalancing

Scales of Balance

Song and Silence

Tome and Blood

The Divine Remix

Tweaks Anthology

Wizard Slayer Rebalancing

This...... is the list of the mods that i am even afraid to go and check in detail. I really dont know what to ask here. Should i ask which mod is better at doing the same thing? which mod does it better? but then again thats relative.
Maybe i should ask which mod here is also MUST because it fixes bugs and does very important tweaks regarding the gameplay.

To make things easier i would like to say (as i said in the previous topic i made) that i like realism regarding the monsters, classes, the world itself etc. I also like uniqueness in classes, monsters, world etc. So that classes dont feel the same and you can notice and appreciate the differences in them. I like specializations.
I am saying this having in my mind a 2-3 mods here (if not more) that do changes on Monks and other classes.

In the end i will go in much more detail to check these mods if needed but if there is any way you can help me plz let me know.

Lastly, im new to BG games and sorry for the huge newbie post.
Thanks in advance!!!

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