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Shadow Aspect in LOB settings, hmm…hello…?

OK, so that Shadow Aspect in old temple of Bhaal (it IS Bhaal’s temple right? So why the child of Bhaal’s always mention it in journal as Cyric’s :-(?) really gives me the creeps, first, killing the lizard lady seems to trigger it to appear on map, and since then it’s beginning to infinitely use Mislead, effectively blocking saving function within that temple so I have to backtrack to previous map in order to save.

Second, more deadly, it’s visible for only a blink of second before it goes invisible again, without True Sight in my party, my only option of hitting it is limited to Aoe spells, and it has huge resistance to fire and a large pool of HP, it took me 70+ charges of Wand of Fire, 20+ charges of Gift of the Lost One, and several Fire breath potions to finally silence it. The party gains 6000xp, really...REALLY?

Anyone who uses True Sight on it? How it fares? And knowing its bestiary data can surely open some other ways to deal with it, such as is it immunity to fear? etc. But I’m of little interest to try them as it’s now…


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