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Wow, bad story progression cues



  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Ardanis said:

    Yep, this is correct.
    Placing the barrel indeed doesn't do anything to progress the plot, at all. Only running into Hephernaan does - either by stumbling upon him right away or triggered by poisoning supplies.

    I'd have thought that too ... except that you don't necessarily get the chance to meet Hephernaan, and yet the plot can still progress, so there must actually be more complexity to it than simply "meet Hephernaan to progress".

    For example, in my current run, I triggered conflict in the Underground River area and cleared the area (and placed the Bwoosh!), then returned to camp to swap in Neera and Glint, returned to the Underground River to complete Neera's and Glint's personal quests (including entering the Warrens, which were not yet hostile, to meet Rhonda for Glint's quest), then again returned to camp to swap out Neera and Glint (neither being in my "permanent party" for this run), then fought my way through the Warrens (which were now automatically hostile on entry, IIRC) and up to the Castle Basement, then fought my way through the Basement expecting to find Hephernaan after clearing a path to his room ... but no, Hephernaan and his assistants weren't there, just Daeros alone. So then I poisoned the supplies and left, and (fortunately) the plot progressed normally (with the call for parley, etc.) even though I hadn't met Hephernaan.

    I've no idea if it is by design that Hephernaan and his assistants have already fled (before you get a chance to confront them) if you've already slaughtered all the Crusaders in the Underground River and Warrens, or if this was some sort of bug. However, since it doesn't affect plot progression, it doesn't greatly matter.

  • WitchfinderWitchfinder Member Posts: 21
    Well, you're not alone. I had never even thought of going to the place on the map called Dragonspear Castle, I just assumed the main story would naturally take me there. And that it would somehow be premature to go there without exploring everything else first.

    Also, I was bugged out that I hadn't found a single one of those five items that that person wanted from crusaders. I had no idea what they were talking about when they mentioned "crusader camp" etc, I thought it might have been the place with the bridge that I made a skull imprint on. I had nuked that camp straight away and then I thought I might have missed all those items in the commotion. Then it turns out that the place the person is talking about is ... Dragonspear Castle. Haha. "Crusader camp" sounds so ... "beginning area like" in this contect, while "Dragonspear Castle" sounds like the absolute summit of the DLC, the absolute latest place to dare tread.

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